Friday, December 24, 2010

Sun Bless Their Old Souls (inspired by the Good Sun)

They say whats cosmic
is a macrocosm
core of what we conned with
from the day they pawned it
best story ever sold
but i never bought it
holiest of diseases
but i never caught it

turned constellations to disciples
got resurrection from the suns cycle
and its placement
used heathen
to replace the word pagan
disclaimed ancient civilizations
then made up the word satan

The evidence presented clearly
years of plagiarism
signed insincerely
prophets ancient Egyptian
cryptic scriptures
of religion
become scripts
for acquisition
power prisms
form indifference
for your fellow citizen

preachin from the zeitgeist
if you havent seen it, get your sight right
cant see the mischief
through the blind knights
get your act right
make better decisions
get your math right
cant see the colors
if you lack light

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

We should nail you bastards up, acting so hap hazardous

---------------------------Kalae All SUNday

16 O'the day

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Datura Stramonium ft. YC the Cynic

Wattup SUCKASSSSSS!!!! Hahahahaha nah, Gods and God'esses ;-) I wanted to hit you with a new joint I released today off of my HIGHLY anticipated second project called "Past Times & Crass Lines" due for release Februaury 15th 2011- OH YEA!!! You can check out the song and download it on my bandcamp HERE
And when you realize how dope it is and how much you love it, please visit these blogs and comment, comment, COMMENT!!! (Check out YC The Cynic's joint "Mr.Bown" and my single is right below ;-)
Kevin Nottingham

And also Nicolas Heller released a mad ALERT mixtape today "Free Shabazz" which you can also find my new single on! It features many dope underground cats like YC The Cynic, Homeboy Sandman, C-Rayz Walz, Fresh Daily and MORE. Download and comment like its nobody's business below

Thanks a bunch XO


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wasabi Fashion Kult

So this really dope blog Wasabi Fashion Kult did an interview with me last week and this is the lovely by product. Check it out. The blog is SICK!! Leave feed back!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Ebay is my new favorite mall ;-)

So I was internet surfing one night and decided to google search my favorite clothing item "Vintage Sequin Blazer" and I found a gem ladies! A Diamond in the rough!! Trendsetter Vintage is a store based in LA that has a lovely Ebay page where they sell their amazing finds at very affordable prices. I LOVED this jacket and it was even better when It was shipped in the 3 days promised and in such great condition. They made me so happy so I had to share with my fellow fierce females! ENJOY ladies..


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

International Playground (Im a REAL PERSON!!)

So I was recently photographed by the lovely Leslie Van Stelten (AGAIN) for a shoot at International Playground which is a really hip, trendy, ultra expensive store in LES. I love their stuff-lets make that clear. However I could probably only afford to rip a stray thread off of a piece of clothing there! AH! Anyways, for those of us who have the means and/or spend %75 of our income on clothes and being unpractically fabulous,,,, you should def check out their stuff. Tres Chic. Tres to die for. Oh an also check out my "REAL PEOPLE" pics here ;-)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

UttaKAOS Christmahannukwanzaakuh Specials!!!

Deck the halls with UttaKAOS fa la la la la la la la la! Go out late and take-the-next day off fa la la la la la la la la! lol Wattup Kats and Kittens? I just wanted to let you know that UttaKAOS will offer a buy one get one HALF off sale all December to celebrate Christmahannukwanzaakuh!! YIPPIE! That also counts if you get a friend to buy! So visit and email the description of the item you LOVE to!! I look forward to making you and your stylish loved ones unpractical dreams come true!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey lovely lovers, I just wanted to give you a heads up about my show tonight in BOSTON! It will be a live, dope, off the charts event so you might wanna come through. Im just saying, if you're not scared and curled up in the fetal position in a corner somewhere. Love your life. See you tonight gods n god'esses ;-).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Domestic Abuse (for Dannya Azem)

Getting angry
Throwing a fit
Throw them bows
When you deal with a bitch
She was a lady
But you dont give a shit
Cuz when you mad
All you given is hits
All she kissin is fists
Swole lips,

And you shoven her tits
Bruisen her hips
And you think this normal?
Normal, when you dealing with dicks
Dealing with pricks
Thinkin they manhood's
Bigger than this
Yes It's my pinky finger
Nigga you aint bigger than THIS

Boast to your click
Get a toast cuz your woman is whipped
But when they fire off the clip
Who's first to duck in the ditch?
You say you fuckin a witch
But tell me buddy, if you dont like the pussy
Then why the fuck you takin a lick?
Cuz you thinkin you slick

I see your future homie
Ima bouta give you the jist
"I didnt do it officer I swear she tellin a fib,
As for her broken ribs,
Didn't brake'em but I prolly couldnt tell you who did"
Tell it to the judge,
Later you can say to your kids
"I was just Frontin"
Like a Pharrell adlib


16 O'the Day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bed Bugs (for Lorne Norton)

Mama said goodnight
Dont let the bed bugs bite
But little did she know
New Yorks a bed bug site
They saw big apple in the head lights
Wanted a bite
So they rolled out like dice
Now they're the new head lice

I'm scratchin rippin off my skin
And they aint even biting me
It's just the thought of them within
It's really quite frightening
I heard they're in the AMC
I heard they're in YMCA
The new big thing
Next they'll have a float at MACY's day parade!

It's such a shame
Or such a sham
Could this just be a mattress scam?
We are in a recession
Maybe this got them out of a jam
They spread a couple bugs around
With profit as the master plan
But little did they know
The bugs would grow and then get outta hand

You never know
Nowadays what might be behind what we see
We swallow in the news
Instead of looking past what could just be
Another thrax, another cow
Or maybe a chicken disease
Or If Im paranoid
And just spreadin conspiracy theories


16 O'the Day

Nov.19th show!

Ya'll better come out and show some love! This is highly likely to be the last show I do in NY this year! I will definitely be giving away some free merch tonight so COME THROUGH!! Plus Stephanie Rooker ROCKs m'SOCKs!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It was just brought to my attention that I missed THE MOST, GORGEOUS, SEXYFIED, STEAMIEST, HOTTIE of all HOTTIES!!!!


Im so sorry, and for that I will dub him "Sexiest Man Who EVER Lived"

Thank you for understanding.

ps.Pretend Djimon Hounsou has a shirt on. AND THEN pretend he doesn't ;-).

People Mag's "Sexiest Man Alive" gets a run for their money

Move over Reynolds Wrap Ryan!! We know you were recently chosen by PEOPLE MAGAZINE as the Sexiest Man Alive 2010, however we've got the holiest of the molies, the dreamiest of the Mc Dreamies, the creme de la creme... well you get the point! Here is our choice of The Sexiest Men Alive aka The Top 10 Hotty McHotties of 2010! BONG!

10) For our tenth spot we have rapper/singer Kid Cudi from Cleavland, Ohio. Kid Cudi oozes originality, creativity and innovation and for that he is SEXY.

9) For our ninth spot we chose actor John Cho from Los Angeles, CA. This South Korean cutie won us over with his humor and charming good looks. Funny equals HOT in our book!

8) Coming up in eighth place, TAYE FRICKEN DIGGS! Hailing from Rochester, NY (and some very lucky lady's womb) Actor Taye Diggs is EASILY one of the most gorgeous men alive today, yesterday and tomorrow.

7) Seventh on our Hottie countdown is Actor/Model/Philanthropist Djimon Hounsou from Cotonou, Benin. We love him because not only is he a smoking hot but he's also a family man with a big heart.

6) The man, the myth, the Legend. Literally, you can ImDb it. The Fresh Prince, the Man In Black, he Floats like a butterfly, Stings like a bee, the 7 pound man himself... you guessed it! WILL SMITH!!!! Frooooom West Philadelphia, born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days.. ok, we're getting off topic. We picked Will because of his impressive acting ability and even more impressive genes. Proof and point Willow and Jaden Smith.

5) Now this is a good one. At number five, the delicious, the scrumptious, the mmm mmmh good Terrence "Good God" Howard by way of Cleavland, Ohio. This man is not only unbelievably good looking, but he is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD LOOKING! 'Nough said.

4) In fourth place we have Actor Penn Badgley from Baltimore, MD. This Gossip Girl star rose to our attention in 2002 when he played a witty, young, stud muffin in the TV series "Do Over." He has been a MAJOR heart throb since.

3) What would you get, if you dipped chocolate into a batch of chocolate and then drizzled chocolate sauce all over it? Our third McHottie, Actor Lance Gross (By the way, he's so not gross.) Lance grew up in Oakland, CA but now permanently resides in our fantasies. You cannot have him. He belongs to us.

2) Now we have the second hottest man EVA Mr. Blair Underwood (must be said in a whispering voice) from Tacoma, WA. He is the Denzel of our generation. He's suave.. he's debonair.. he's.. he's.. God, just look at him!

1) And a drum roll please (insert drum roll here) for our numero uno, top SEXIEST most HOT, HOTTIE McHOTTIE..............................................BORIS KODJOE! I mean, this guy has got the goods. He's got the skills to pay the bills! Half German half Ghanaian and entirely steamy. If gorgeous could be sold, his face would be on THE BOX. Actor/Model/extremely sexy human being Boris Kodjoe from Vienna, Austria is our pick for number one Sexiest Men Alive!

For all the hotties that didn't make the list, there's always next year!


Monday, November 15, 2010

A Song About Bacon (Requested by Mmadu Ulasi)

My belly aint achin for bacon
Honestly I only had it once, I was eight and
My stomach started grumblin
Hands started shakin
Feeling off balance like the ground's earthquakin
It was a mistake, havin it again aint a risk worth takin
Hunny you can take it,
Bake it, shake it
Do what you gotta do to make it
Even if you covered it with cake dip-

I still wouldn't taste it :-/

Dont you know whats added in?
Steroidal is the adjective
Preservatives and additives
Hormones injected into it-
Can now be found inside our kids
Hows he 10 and so damn big?
Trynna figure how your 9 year old just got her period?
Its serious
And all these companies act so oblivious
You think they care about your health?
Eddie, you straight delirious
Tell me are you hearing this, nah?
All the people that pray to Allah
Dont eat it
So I say "Beat It" :D

-------Kalae All Day

16 O'the day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I started to rhyme (inspired by Damion Williams)

I was a youngin disgusted by thuggin
More for the huggin
I aspired to teach about lovin
And not for nothin,
Felt empowered by words from my cousin
Really my nephew,
Older than me, but taller I grew-
Just like the vocab he spewed
Shedding light on ideas and views
Like a new outlet for news
A new tool to commune
I stared so amused and thought,
Yo, I can do that too!
I took a pen to paper
My voche coache see you later
Didn't know what to expect
Still I wrote with mad flavor
Something to savor
Something to put me on the rada'
And take you from your problems
Like I'm trynna be ya savior
Then I came right back
To show my nephew that
I could rhyme spit flow-
Shit all over other cats
But my plan back fired, so inspired,
Here's the fact
My nephew said to me
"Auntie, that shit was whack"

---Kalae All Day

16 o'the day

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tell me how you feel about Space Travel..

I decided to go with "Black and Shiny" as my outfit theme for my next music video "Space Travel" feat. Sciryl and Turnstylz. This video will be A LOT of fun but completely different than my debut video "O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER" which ive placed below just in case you are unfamiliar.. Basically this look is inspired by my recent extravagant purchase--a VINTAGE white 3/4 fur coat-what what??-that i will be wearing over this look. Its very Cruela DeVil if she was black and a hipster. So look closely at the UttaKAOS shades im reppin and tell me what you think!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

UttaKAOS Campaign

Campaign.. Champagne.. Lil Wayne.. T.Payne.. Anywho, I will be launching a Campaign for my UttaKAOS line this November with LOTS of amazing artists as my models!!!! There will be free giveaways at my shows like 6x8 ads, t-shirts and mixtapes! Thats right FREE MUSIC! So for those of you who dont know about UttaKAOS its a line of accessories I started a few months ago that was limited to "Vandalism for ya Face!" but now it includes rings, necklaces and broaches designed by yours truly! It will also include collabs with other artists so constantly check the website to make sure you're not missing out on anything!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

KiD CuDi "ERASE ME" music video

So, KiD CuDi thought it would be a smart idea to promote his new single "ERASE ME" by making a contest where fans could make their own videos and compete against each other for a grand total prize of $1,000! What he didn't know is that I, Kalae All Day would make the most, awesome, mind blowing, monumental video in KiD CuDi's career that will blow him off the map. He never had a chance.

Check out the first video I ever directed, edited and acted in (simultaneouslyyyy)with Ferima Faye as Kanye West, DJ H2 as Scott Mescudi and Baxter P. Wordsworth as the random guy in the Chinese restaurant.

Shouts to AtLas and J.Monop for being my friends :D

After viewing make sure to "Like" the video HERE and then share with your social networks!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Caravan of Dreams

SOOOOOO a few days ago me and the lovely Stephanie Rooker had our first Raw/Live dinner date and we went to Caravan of Dreams! It was devilishly delectable. Hands down. But hella expensive. Like $17 for each of our plates. I mean that's not bad for a nice restaurant but still its kinda like you threw some leaves on my plate and your charging me $17?!?!?!?! I kid, I kid, Caravan Of Dreams, I <3 U.

Anywho, if you want to eat a lovely raw/live homemade meal made by me and Steph hit us up and let us know. We will be throwing down monday night in celebration of the last night of our two week challenge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to open a Young Thai Coconut (BTW)


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Raw Soul Recipe)

So I made this last night and put it in the freezer over night---its creamy and crazy delish!!!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (12 servings)

4 cups soaked cashews
meat and water from 1 young Thai coconut
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup agave nectar
1 vanilla bean
pinch sea salt

In high speed blender, combine all ingredients. Blend well until smooth and creamy using tamper to stir. Add filtered water if too thick. Pour into shallow stainless steel bowl. Freeze until firm. Serve. Store in freezer up to 1 week.

To make different flavors, add desired fruit or flavorings before blending.

*I made only 6 servings so i split all ingredient amounts in half. That might be more economical for someone only making it for themselves. I also used a plastic knife as a tamper lol and i would recommend not using filtered water so your end product can be as creamy as possible! Oh, and i used a glass bowl.. Work with what you have homies!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spectacular Curry Pate (Raw Soul Recipe)

First let me start by saying that I have felt amazing the last two days. I think I have quadrupled my productivity and the food is just so surprisingly delicious! That being said, going Raw/Live aint no joke! It can be time consuming and tedious at times but I think its MORE than worth it. Try out this recipe, I really LOVE it and I think you will too.

Curry Vegetable Pate (1 quart)

2 cups soaked walnuts
1/2 chopped medium zucchini
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 tablespoon agave
Sea salt to taste
Water as needed (very little)

Process all ingredient in food processor until smooth. Taste and adjust flavors as desired. Serve on napa cabbage, nori sheet or collard leaf. Store in refrigerator for several days.

*I think this tastes best with the Nori rap but I LOVE Nori so..

I hope you try and enjoy! Let me and Steph know how it goes and post your own variations!

I'll post a live Vanilla Bean Ice Cream thats DELICIOUS later..


Monday, August 23, 2010

*The Live Food Challenge*


Yeah - we bought a lot...but it's all good, nutritious, yummy, living food!!

It has begun. KalaeAllDay's & my (Stephanie Rooker's) & 2-week *Live Food Challenge* is ON!!

Sunday we attended a dope workshop at Raw Soul, in the heights (Washington, that is). We learned so many thangs! For example, "raw food" is actually different than "living food" (WHY?), which forced us to change the name of our challenge to reflect what we're really going for here. After being enlightened about many things raw & live, we shoveled heaps of delicious live food into our faces. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Armed with hella information from the workshop, monday we hit the Park Slope Food Co-op to pick up *a few things* we'd need for the week's un-cooking. ;') First meal: gazpacho -- a total success. We got our grains & seeds sprouting, dinner party plans in the works, & lists of our fav raw restaurants on hand for there is much more goodness to come!

Y'all are invited!! ;')

- Stephanie Rooker

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Kalae's Oh-so Delicious Makes You Want to Lick Your Face Coffee Mask"

2 tbls Coffee
2 tbls Cocoa Powder
1 tbls Sugar
1 bag Black Tea or 1 sachet of Chai Tea
5 tbls Agave
2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Citrus Fresh Essential Oil
1 tbls EVOO
1 tbls Vitamin E Oil

Make sure coffee, cocoa, sugar and tea are all small to medium granules.
Mix all dry ingredients
Add agave and mix
Add each oil until you get a good consistency thats thick enough to stay on your face without dripping.
Put on your face and leave on as long as you like! 30mins is recommended!

*This Mask draws out impurities, hydrates, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin! (If you are excessively oily try adding Lemon juice and subtracting EVOO)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

KickStarter project with Noise Maker Media

Wattup Bloggers! Check out my Kickstarter project I just launched today!! Im trynna raise money to film two more videos with the lovely Mark Carrenceja from Noise Maker Media! Anywho, check it out




Thursday, July 15, 2010

Im slackin

I should really be hitting up my blog more often! i dont know what's wrong with me! anyways, since the last post ive won the BK BOWL SHOW and PROVE competition,
Performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with De La Soul and other GREATS!
was interviewed by BET, MTV2, Brooklyn Bodega, NY1 and plenty of other amazing press
Launched a line of eyewear called UttaKAOS
you can check out more at

So as you can see a lot of great things are happening and in the midst of happening and i promise to keep my loyal blog followers better updated!! XOXOX



Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This show was SOOO much fun! Take a look and let a sistah know what you think ;-)


Friday, April 23, 2010


Its been almost 2years since I first stepped on a stage to perform my original music in front of about 20 people with nothing but a smile, a habibi scarf and a guitar player at my side. It seems that I have come really far in a short amount of time but of course to any 21 year old, it seems like it took forever! My debut album AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK dropped last month and has been getting lovely feedback.. Check out this review from Beyond Race Mag (BRM)


This month has been all about music videos with me and getting more people to hear my stuff and become a fanatic! So now I present to you this immaculately made music video brought to you by Mark Carrenceja from Noise Maker Media (he's spectacularly alert) "O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER" ft.Some tall dude.. aka Homeboy Sandman

Love it, comment on it, share it with friends on facebook and twitter ;-)

I love you all and what not.. You rock my socks!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Check out the behind the scenes footage of me and Homeboy Sandman filming "O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER" in DUMBO yesterday (4/10/2010)

Ok in this clip Homeboy Sandman TRIES to out sing me.. He had the upperhand since he knew the song and i didn't..

This one is a bit windy but it shows a run through of one of the scenes near the bridge..

This one is just me ;-)

Next post will be pics!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Im gonna have more on Facebook but for now Ill share my favs on here! ENJOY!







and dont forget to become a fan of "Kalae All Day" on facebook!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love having a blog..

who doesn't? You get to write anything you want whenever you want and assume that hundreds of thousands of people are looking at it religiously.. Right? Ok so maybe i have like 40 followers and the occasional passer by but my cup overflow'th..

Anywho, shows and stuff and what not, goes a little something like diissss

March 31st, 8pm Columbia show with Sciryl and Turnstylz, headliner:BLITZ THE (fricken) AMBASSADOR!
He is completely and utterly amazing and this show is free.99 so no excuses.Come early and check out all the talent.. I personally can wait-however i will be bouncing early to make it to my next show..

March 31st, 11pm Public Assembly "Show and Prove" reunion show! Say what now? Remember back in October when I was in the all female "Show and Prove" (CMJ edition) and i won?? Remember that? I do.. Anyways i was invited to be part of the reunion show and as far as im concerned, this is my ticket into Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival so COME THROUGH, SHOW LOVE, and let them know that you want more female representation at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival ie: me ;-)

Im also artist of the week on AdamsWorldBlog so check it out and leave comments!!

Remeber that my album just came out and to support independent artists!! Especially ones that you love and want to hear more from! (ie: ME lol)



Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ITs official.. AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK has been out for 1 day 15 hours 16 minutes.. lol How do you all feel now that you've heard it? And if you didn't hear it, how do you feel about being all late and what not?? lol Anywayz id like to thank everyone who showed love and special thanks to everyone who worked on the project.

You can BUY it HERE







You can get the hard copy of my album at my ALBUM RELEASE PARTY friday March 19th!!


SO, im gonna give you guys some inside info about my album release.. Heres a list of the SPECIAL GUESTS!!!!

Kalil Kash
Top $ Raz
YC the Cynic
Mic Wilson (Prezzure)

All performing so come check this show tomorrow! It'll be INSANITY and of course Brooklyn Bodega will be there covering the event all night longggggggg!!!

This will be great.. btw its FREE.. the booze is FREE and its gonna be 70 fricken degrees tomorrow---NO EXCUSES.. Dont forget to bring cash to buy my album ;-)

Ill be vloging soon.. just need to find my camera lol..

<3 u all xoxox


Monday, March 15, 2010


Im givin yall that heat, that drug, that nunu lol

Lets give it up first and foremost to Mic Wilson for makin this dope ars beat and then getting on it and makin a dope ars verse on top of that!


Anyway, introducing "BREAKITDOWN" off of my debut album "AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK"


<a href="">BREAKITDOWN ft. Mic Wilson by Kalae All Day</a>



Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Album Release Party!!!! OHHHhh snap!

This is gonna be dope.
Dope performances..
Dope special guests..

So for staters, this is my DEBUT album, "AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK" and it sounds exactly like the title.. An eclectic fusion of genres that I play with all the way to the last song. It will keep you guessing and listening FOR SURE.

Ive been workin on it since last summer and its finally real.. Finally TANGIBLE.. FINALLY DONE!

I Cant believe it.

Homeboy Sandman is on it.. Mic Wilson (artist formerly known as PreZZure) is on it.. Likwuid is on it.. Baxter Wordsworth is on it.. PRINCESS SUPERSTAR is on it..

ITs crazy dope and fun and danceable lol and yes its $10 AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!
You can pick it up here:

on 03.17.10

As for the release party the 19th...
DOORS open at 9pm!
What more could you ask for?
Just make sure you pick up a hard copy of my album while your there and DONATE cuz that beer aint cheap!

Hope to see all you Gods and Goddesses there, aiight?


Sunday, February 28, 2010


Im gettin legit CDs for my live album so those of you who have it in a slip cover, consider those collectibles ;-)


This cover is SO DOPE! Thanks DARIO!

Friday, February 26, 2010

This is cool


Thanks Dario!

So.. did i tell you my album is dropping?

No? No fricken way, what kinda person am i? Well here goes..

AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK [my fricken debut] drops 03.17.10!!!!!
avail on and hard copy soon thereafter at Fat Beatzzzz say whuh??
Any who, "They" say 3.17 is my lucky day.. "They" forgot to tell me that it's Saint Patty's.. But hey, me and Patty can share, right???

So i got the press release nice and ready for anyone who wants it! Brooklyn Bodega will have it up soon.. Hit me if you know some really dope places I should send it to.

Assssssssss for the album release party cuz i know you were waiting to here that, it will be the 19th at a secret location called "Body&Soul Tattoo" on 1st and ave A.. shhhh dont tell a soul. Guest appearances include the likes of Princess Superstar, Moby and fricken JEAN fricken GRAE.. But really im not supposed to name drop like that..


Don't do drugs.. cuz one day ull wake up at 21 and wonder where your life went.. what did u accomplish those past 21 years? and sometimes.. u dont even have to be on drugs..

more to cum



at by a camera and this is what happened ..


but that's just a taste.. i cant give it all away.. ;-)

the craziness was curtesy of Leslie Van Stelten [] and Southpaw by way of the cool, the suave, the elite Jah C! Thank you, you crazy kids!