Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Burning Man

Although many of my friends have attended Burning Man and asked me to come, have told me I would love it, yada yada ya mama, THIS VIDEO was the straw that broke the camel toe.
(See what I just did there?)


Dr.Suess is the OG MC.


omg omg omg

Sometimes I forget about my blog. Shame on me.
Life is beautiful and vibrant and abundant and Im glad to be living in it.
I want to talk about this great lady from my job named SHMEE and her lovely friend Meredith that I met at her going away party (waaahhhhh) anywho, they have put together a fantasmigorial multimedia play called "Degeneration X" and let me tell you, I believe that this will be EPIC.

So there will be a performance in April-and Im going and I will remind all of my friends that I am going. We will all go together. It will be AWESOME.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its all about the Benjamins BABY

ummm, times 100!!! Say it with me, ITS ALL ABOUT THE SALMON P. CHASE's BABY!

Ok, not as catchy, but how do you go aout getting one of these, I mean, would you just go to the bank with $10,000 in hundreds like, "Hello, I'd like to lighten my load, any ideas?"

I feel like they would put you on a list.

And then comes the question, yo, WHO THE F*CK with that much money is carrying around bills like that? And who's breaking them. Im offended that this bill exists.

YEah, that's right OFFENDED.

Some people can't even make that bill in a year.


Things tha piss me off.

Im a pretty well mannered individual. I don't come out my face, I'm not aggressive, I would even go as far as to call myself an OPTIMIST. There is very little in this world we live in that I can't see the bright side of. What I'm trynna say is, not very many things piss me off, but in the past few years that I have been gigging in New York City and beyond, and really getting into this Hip Hop game ONE THING and ONE THING alone has continually pissed me off. And I've had enough.


Lets start with what a promoter is SUPPOSED TO DO. Book and promote a show with artists and in a venue, manage time and money before, during and after the show, keep artists and their guests happy, hydrated and well fed, pay for a good sound man, never lose his/her cool when dealing with Murphy's law, and FILL THE VENUE.

Now, to be a great promoter you would have done all of these things well. To be a good promoter you would have FILLED THE VENUE, managed the time and money and adhered to a few of the other things mentioned on that list, to be a DECENT promoter you would have FILLED THE ROOM and payed the artists and nothing else.

If you are an upcoming artist than you can relate to the following feeling. I HAVE NEVER MET A GREAT OR GOOD PROMOTER YET. And I have only met a few decent ones.

What's the deal?

What's going on?

I don't understand the EGO and the AUDACITY of some of these cats.

They don't have an ounce of respect for most artists on the stage, they expect the artists to do all the leg work and all they care about booking huge acts and GUESS WHAT? they do it and STILL can't pack a room and then blame the artist!

I've done shows where I was promised a fixed amount and after I held up my end of the bargain, I get gyped and what am I supposed to do? I know a headliner that SUED a promoter once for that ish, but I didn't have a contract like they did.

And what I don't understand about this is, we're supposed to pay for rehearsal to practice to do a good show to make money for you, but WE don't get paid?? Someone explain the logic here. I'm a human being. I provide a service. I'm an entertainer. People come to watch me and you don't want to pay me for it?

You are a bunch of low life losers that wish you could do what I do for a living but you can't so you feed off of us cuz the closest you can get to stardom is adjacent. I loathe you.


ps. Sorry, I really needed to get that out. Anyone wanna book me? hahaha

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where are the rest of your lyrics?

Up your butt.


NAh, but really these are the ins and outs of being an artist. One day releasing a youtube video with your lyrics everyday sounds fun.. until its day 8 and your tired of looking at imovie and you'd rather stab your eyes out with forks than type one more lyric or try to align the visuals with the music so that you all can read and sing a long. Anyway, these are artist problems. I just need a bit more discipline and I'll be able to deliver the rest of those songs to you. In the mean time, it's 5am and I'm updating www.UttaKAOS.com, www.twitter.com/UttaKAOS and facebook.com/UttaKAOS, taking UttaKAOS orders and listening to Childish Gambino while simultaneously writing this blog and a review of CAMP for this blog that I may publish tomorrow? We'll see. I also have a lovely interview/pictorial of Mari J. Brooklyn. If you don't know this chick, get to know this chick when I post the review. Hmmmm what else?? Oh I volunteer at this healing center downtown called the Open Center. If that sounds like something you're into, ya know, HEALING yourself, visit their website www.Opencenter.org and sign up for everything. They are awesome.

Uhhh my homie Baxter P. Wordsworth released his album (and guess who's on it?? okay okay, not important-the world doesn't revolve around me contrary to popular belief)

Listen and download HERE

Im trynna think of what else I should tell you guys.... Uh lets see, I'm going to Japan in April (uhhh FINALLY MUCH?) I'm def going to SXSW in March but prolly just unofficial shows, eh, we do what we can jes? I also REALLY want to go to Burning Man this year and I wish my friends wanted to go with me but they suck so... any takers? Anywho holler at me. If anyone wants to talk about UTtaKAOS email UttaKAOs@gmail.com and if you wanna holler at me for any other reason kalaeallday@gmail.com will do it.


its fucking late..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marlene Dietrich

So im watching these classic movies and I come across this beautiful chick named Marlene Dietrich. All I wanna say is.. Uma Therman and Chloe Savigne.. jeeaaa..


So yesterday I FINALLY got new head phones!! They're from the ingeniously creative and stylish line called Urban Ears. I've been seeing all types of hipsters rocking these lately and my only question has been, "what's the sounds like hipster?" and "im a hipster too, where can i buy???" and FINALLY I HAVE and let me say, they are personally the best headphones I've ever owned. In relation to the price ($60 and yes ninja I gots 10% off cuz the box was open) they are highly innovative, the sound is immaculate, and the look is incredible. To me, I got MORE than what I paid for. Kudos Urban Ears. You be rockin my socks.

(I made my purchase at Tekserve the one and only tech store you ever need visit.. hipsters)


I nick-named them my "Kill Bills" aka my "Beatrix Kiddos" and/or my "kiddos"

Kalaemity Jane
Ebryonic Crusadah
Afro Samurai

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow this chick is pretty amazing. I love the tone of her voice and the way she translates on camera.



So I found this new website a few days ago and I told myself not to tell anyone about it because then EVERYONE would be using it and it no longer would be "cool" or "fun" etc, but I realized that I must share dope things on my blog with the people that follow me and want a little insight to my life and the things I find amazing so,, in the spirit of sharing I present to you, PIXLR.COM

Well, firstly, they use the words "vintage," "retro," and "free" which are pretty much my three favorite words :)
Secondly, they have all these fantastic filters that turn ordinary pics, into extraordinary pics! (see examples below)
Thirdly, its FREE! Wait, did I say that already? Oh, okay so you catch my drift.

This site is the beezneez and that means it is SSWWWWEEEEEEEETTTT!



So, just do this one thing.
Promise me you want OVERKILL this.
Have fun, be creative, but if I see these pics every where I'll throw up and never want to use it again, so don't spoil it for me!

Okay okay okay,,


"Stick Up Kids" ft. Baxter P. Wordsworth and Atlas' (W/LYRICS)


Hopefully you all have been enjoying these!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh yeah..

my BFF Ferima Faye sent me this pic cuz, she's knows what I like ;)


Mic check 1,2,1,2

Happy January 2nd 2012! 1/2/12!
Celebrate today with a lovely video from the very talented Baxter P. Wordsworth! He's on PassTimes & CrassLines as well on "Stick Up Kids!" Check out his video below and then our collab under it! :)

Baxter Wordsworth - "One-Two, 1-2" (Official Video) from Baxter P Wordsworth on Vimeo.

Stick Up Kids feat Baxter P. Wordsworth & Atlas (Produced by DJ H2) by Kalaeallday


"Mmmhmm(Go HOME)" Lyrics from PassTimes& CrassLines

Day2. Don't forget to download the mixtape HERE

Aquarium Lyrics from PassTimes&CrassLines! ENJOY!

Happy New Year!

For the next week or so, I'll share one of these each day so you can get to know every word ;)