Monday, February 21, 2011

Past Times & Crass Lines update

For those of you who asked about the release of my mixtape that was supposed to be feb.15th Im VERY sorry that that didn't happen. See I have release date turrets so I just blurt out release dates constantly. Pass Times & Crass Lines will be release March 29th. SEE i just did it again.

We'll see if it really happens..


MTV| Rah Digga| SouthPaw; recipe for success!

Hey beautiful folks that check out my blog daily or whenever it crosses ur mind, I have another show to tell u about! woohoo! Its gonna be at SouthPaw on thursday and for all u thumbsuckers aka under age folk, no worries! Its 18+!!! Anywho, Rah Digga is headlining and that to me is awesome enough, but to add whip cream to an already delicious savory cheesecake, MTV will be shooting my performance that night. Why, you ask? Cuz im awesome. So if you have never seen me live, thursday night is the time for that to happen. If you have seen me live but last year, you gotta check out this years material. If you already saw me this year than you know it will be a dope show so invite your friends who havent seen me and come again! Did i cover all my basis?? Great. See you there.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Headling at NYU

Happy black history month. Happy (belated) valentines day. Happy wednesday. It feels like a great day. Its 4pm and its sunny outside and to me that's means for a great day. Hopefully my tendency to give you last minute news doesn't put a bad taste in your mouth. Kalae All Day is nothing but sugary sweet. I've been having internet problems. The problem is, I don't have internet.

So this month has been four types of dope and before I delve into all that and all this I want to explain the poster to your left. This is a show im Headlining at NYU on friday. Here's the facebook invite for additional info or if you want to invite a whole slew of people which i recommend you do.

Facebook invite.

Me and my band Turnstylz will be tearing the mutha'effin house down.

Everything else really should be on the hush but let me put it this way. I'll be an opener for Rah Digga later this month and you will be seeing me on MTV before spring is out. I cant disclose any more information. So sorry.

On a side but very center note, YC the Cynic is releasing a project on the 1st of March and I think its in everyones best interest to go to the project release and pick up a copy. Cuz its fire. I mean FIRE.

Check out this video and then follow the link below for the invite.

Show invite.

Aiight aiight thats enough for now.

Love ya like ur mines

<3 KAD