Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're cool if..

You came to the girls show last night.. or you've been to a show in the past.. And you're cool if you're gonna come to a show in the future.. check out the footage I got on my cheep walmart cam until I get the legit shit from Floss eyed productions.. Oh and footage from my show @ the Penn Hotel is coming soon.. long over due.. ish with the band and what not.. should be dope.. but this is alert nonetheless..



Thursday, May 28, 2009

ALERT NOUNS- Things (inst. #2)

Ladies and not-so-gentlemen, I present to you the Ipod Boombox (heavens open up and shines beautiful melodic rays)
Cop one at
This thing is the end all be all of recreated retro boomboxes! It does everything and can be hooked up to your computer and TV.. Ahhhh if only I had $$$ to spend on it..
:-( Well at least I get to hold one every Friday night at the Union Square cipher under my alias Sistah DJ! :D

ALERT thing #2 staying on the topic of ipod docs, we have the GHETTO BLASTER! I first saw these over a year ago in a boutique shop in DC.. *Wonders why it took so long to get big* This alert bag enables you to keep your rhyme book, mac book, lip gloss and toothbrush in your boombox! Made of leather! They come in many different colors.. they even have a few graffiti prints on canvas bags out now.. These bags are very affordable for those of us who cant get the real thing.. LIKE ME :-p
You can get these bags at your local Ricky's or order online at

That's it for this weeks installment of "ALERT NOUNS: People, places and things"
Stay up for next weeks!


ALERT NOUNS- Places (inst. #2)

Last week in my 1st installment of ALERT things, I told you about my fave new watch company Nooka, bringin it back and takin in forward all in the same design. Well here's where you can them and many more amazing accessories from retailers like Toki Doki and Flud:
You can shop online at but I would recommend going down there and checking it out in person.. It a really cute store and the store managers are pretty down.. Eos is on 259 Bleecker st.

PLUS! If you walk down Bleecker, you get to go have the most ALERT FROZEN YOGURT two doors down at YOGURTLAND! Its self serve, $0.49 per ounce and comes in the most amazing flavors.. wait this doesn't count as the 2nd place.. its just a bonus side note ;-)

Which brings us to the REAL 2nd alert spot this week, Fille De Joie! Its a vintage shop in BK with THE most alert pieces (clothing AND accessories) that are to die for! They have everything from sequined ballero jackets to leather pants! Just remember to come with the dollaz cuz vintage clothing means vintage prices..
Photobucket 197 Grand st in BK, plus they have a little lounge area that you and your girls can lay out in.. ;-)

Aight, next up-THINGS


SPUTNIK BABY! and im not talking about the satelite..

Yers trooly, will be at Sputnik tomorrow night rocking a dope set and definitely hitting you with some new tracks off the mixtape (AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUSIK)due to be released sometime in June. If you're a hip hop aficionado, you must come through and vibe with your kind. Bring your loved ones and show me that you care.. Cuz without ya'll, im just the crazy gurl singing to empty bar stools..


Pause for HIP HOP @Sputnik Friday, May 29th
262 Taaffe Place bet. Dekalb and Willoughby
G train to Classon
$15 cover 8pm


ALERT NOUNS- People (inst. #2)

SSSSOOOOOooOOoooo this weeks 2 alert people are Nola Darling (technically they're 2 people but whatevs) and Concep.. Read on..

I first met Nola Darling when we had sets on the same show at Sputnik last year. No need to say, we were thoroughly impressed with each other's MC/Singing skills and the rest is history.. These girls are dripping with alertness.. no pause.. Hailing from the west coast is Aziza and from the east, Nikkobya enticing us with a banging, bi-coastal, blend of intellectual, fun and flirty truths, spang (new slang for spit-singing) over retro, island beats. These ladies are definitely AOK with me.. hahaha get it?
Peep this uber alert video they did for their new song "That Nola D":

"That Nola D" by Nola Darling *Boom Boom Pow Remix" from Nola Darling on Vimeo.

This video is delish.. Stalk them at

Next up my man Concep! If you stalk me, you already know of Concep because I stalk him! lol I met Concep last year at a Santigold concert and I knew there was something etra special about him. I saw him do a live painting at Sullivan Room and was completely flabbergasted! Yes.. I said it! flabbergasted!! lol I think he's THE MOST ALERT artist on the scene right now, and as far as im concerned that statement's not debatable.. He recently customized a pair of jeans for me that I will debut at one of my shows so you can look out for that..

Check out this interview he did for Karmaloop recently with Amanda Diva (he's after Asher Roth):

Stalk him at

NEXT UP: ALERT NOUNS- Places (inst.#2)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

ALERT NOUNS pt3 (Things)

Ahhhh things things and more things.. I love things and i hate things at the same time..

NOOKA WATCHES ARE MAD ALERT SUN! If you were unaware of the recent boom of Nooka watches, it because you are rocking back in fourth in a corner somewhere suffering from anthropophobia..

Check out more at ;D

2nd thing is.. MISSBEHAVE MAG! I stumbled upon this amazing magazine in a subway station in D.C. over a year ago and I'VE BEEN INLOVE WITH IT EVER SINCE! They're based in BK, home of the incredibly talented and chique, and tell you about every nook and cranny of cool, dope, and fresh like you've never seen/read before. They put out issues by season but hopefully they'll get big enough to start putting out monthly issues! The girls that write the articles are some feirce and intellectual biotches that deserve pulitzers! Im telling you, subscribe, its so worth it!

Thats all for this weeks installment of "ALERT NOUNS" tune in next week for 2ppl, 2places and 2things I think are "ALERT" worthy. ;-)


ALERT NOUNS pt.2 (Places)

Ok so I have yet to actually bite into the delish baked goodies at Babycakes but I came REAL close once. All I know is, the door was open.. how you gonna be closed with your door open, Jane?? Thats not alert at all.. No nat tat tall.. But it was a monday and apparently since its the lamest day of the week they only stay open till they sell out..

The deal is, this spot is sposta have the most bangin vegan goodies that ever graced your tongue, so lets all plan a trip to check it out together! ;-)

My favorite new restaurant is....
So get this, this spot has all the dishes that you would get from a regular chinese food restaurant but its all VEGETARIAN!!!!! WHAT??? Plus its absolutely delish! Would I steer you wrong? No..

So visit their page and make some dinner plans!

Those are the places.. Things commin soon!



so ur days wont uncover
the rythm of ur soul
so u stay up my brother
untill the stories told
like dont tell the maker
she made it for the shut eye
or the earth just happens
to rotate on the axiii
of love, bold as
im taking in my jimi
like a head band of acid
in colors hear me clearly
or feel me i write in ink pens
with no friends, around
distraction free omittin the sounds
lest they spewin out the voice box
or maybe outside boyz gettin shot
cuz they makin corners hot
a tear hits the pillow before my face can make it
i weep in the night so in daylight cant fake it
my mental barrier is gone u can take it
replace it
with a fear free face kit...

lol just a taste..
New blogs commin to and they will consist of the most ALERT nouns; People, Places and things.. Here's the first installation:

Check out the illest MC.. in the entire span of the universe.. ever.. HOMEBOY SANDMAN on vimby :D

Check out more of him on

Check out the SEXIEST VEGGIE ALIVE! Princess Superstar's 6th album is dropping later this year, and guess who's on it?? Yours truly.. The album is so ALERT! (Thats the new slang kids, get on it..)


Vote for Princess Superstar as sexiest veggie on PETA and check her out at!!! I LOVE HER! SHES AWSOME! SHE LOVES THE EARTH! :D

Ok thats all for now..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Yea.. take that.. soak it in..

Heres the video of ya girl on CAC-TV

Kalae (Spittin In Da Wip) from CrazyAlCayne on Vimeo.

Dont forget to come to the show sunday!
Visit for show dates
add me on facebook (Kalae Allday) for show invites..