Friday, December 24, 2010

Sun Bless Their Old Souls (inspired by the Good Sun)

They say whats cosmic
is a macrocosm
core of what we conned with
from the day they pawned it
best story ever sold
but i never bought it
holiest of diseases
but i never caught it

turned constellations to disciples
got resurrection from the suns cycle
and its placement
used heathen
to replace the word pagan
disclaimed ancient civilizations
then made up the word satan

The evidence presented clearly
years of plagiarism
signed insincerely
prophets ancient Egyptian
cryptic scriptures
of religion
become scripts
for acquisition
power prisms
form indifference
for your fellow citizen

preachin from the zeitgeist
if you havent seen it, get your sight right
cant see the mischief
through the blind knights
get your act right
make better decisions
get your math right
cant see the colors
if you lack light

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

the best story ever sold
propaganda for control
Sun bless their old souls

We should nail you bastards up, acting so hap hazardous

---------------------------Kalae All SUNday

16 O'the day

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Datura Stramonium ft. YC the Cynic

Wattup SUCKASSSSSS!!!! Hahahahaha nah, Gods and God'esses ;-) I wanted to hit you with a new joint I released today off of my HIGHLY anticipated second project called "Past Times & Crass Lines" due for release Februaury 15th 2011- OH YEA!!! You can check out the song and download it on my bandcamp HERE
And when you realize how dope it is and how much you love it, please visit these blogs and comment, comment, COMMENT!!! (Check out YC The Cynic's joint "Mr.Bown" and my single is right below ;-)
Kevin Nottingham

And also Nicolas Heller released a mad ALERT mixtape today "Free Shabazz" which you can also find my new single on! It features many dope underground cats like YC The Cynic, Homeboy Sandman, C-Rayz Walz, Fresh Daily and MORE. Download and comment like its nobody's business below

Thanks a bunch XO


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wasabi Fashion Kult

So this really dope blog Wasabi Fashion Kult did an interview with me last week and this is the lovely by product. Check it out. The blog is SICK!! Leave feed back!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Ebay is my new favorite mall ;-)

So I was internet surfing one night and decided to google search my favorite clothing item "Vintage Sequin Blazer" and I found a gem ladies! A Diamond in the rough!! Trendsetter Vintage is a store based in LA that has a lovely Ebay page where they sell their amazing finds at very affordable prices. I LOVED this jacket and it was even better when It was shipped in the 3 days promised and in such great condition. They made me so happy so I had to share with my fellow fierce females! ENJOY ladies..


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

International Playground (Im a REAL PERSON!!)

So I was recently photographed by the lovely Leslie Van Stelten (AGAIN) for a shoot at International Playground which is a really hip, trendy, ultra expensive store in LES. I love their stuff-lets make that clear. However I could probably only afford to rip a stray thread off of a piece of clothing there! AH! Anyways, for those of us who have the means and/or spend %75 of our income on clothes and being unpractically fabulous,,,, you should def check out their stuff. Tres Chic. Tres to die for. Oh an also check out my "REAL PEOPLE" pics here ;-)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

UttaKAOS Christmahannukwanzaakuh Specials!!!

Deck the halls with UttaKAOS fa la la la la la la la la! Go out late and take-the-next day off fa la la la la la la la la! lol Wattup Kats and Kittens? I just wanted to let you know that UttaKAOS will offer a buy one get one HALF off sale all December to celebrate Christmahannukwanzaakuh!! YIPPIE! That also counts if you get a friend to buy! So visit and email the description of the item you LOVE to!! I look forward to making you and your stylish loved ones unpractical dreams come true!