Sunday, September 19, 2010

KiD CuDi "ERASE ME" music video

So, KiD CuDi thought it would be a smart idea to promote his new single "ERASE ME" by making a contest where fans could make their own videos and compete against each other for a grand total prize of $1,000! What he didn't know is that I, Kalae All Day would make the most, awesome, mind blowing, monumental video in KiD CuDi's career that will blow him off the map. He never had a chance.

Check out the first video I ever directed, edited and acted in (simultaneouslyyyy)with Ferima Faye as Kanye West, DJ H2 as Scott Mescudi and Baxter P. Wordsworth as the random guy in the Chinese restaurant.

Shouts to AtLas and J.Monop for being my friends :D

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