Saturday, February 25, 2012


This show will be EPIC. It's my first show of the year with my band (unfortunately not the whole shibang but a good amount of them ;) and Im so excited to get on that stage and give my all for you guys! Performing with my fam on stage is an honor and a privilege and the fact that it's for a great cause is just ICING. I'll have flyers in hand after monday so if you see me don't be scurred to ask for one.


Open Mic March 2nd

I will be performing March 2nd at the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective! I recommend this open mic to any upcoming emcee (and more) that wants to mingle amongst the creme dela creme of the New York City underground Hip Hop scene. There will definitely be an array of talentes emcees, Djs, Beatboxers OH MY! Plus you can catch me do a small set that will be the appetizer to the main course I'm doing at 92ytribeca the following night!

Check out and all the amazing work they do for the community in the South Bronx and beyond.


Kalae.. ALL DAY?

More like a few times a month! I don't know man, I keep making all these promises that I can't keep. I guess it boils down to consistency which as an artist I barely have. Does that make me a horrible person? No, but I wish that I could say, hey I'm gonna make a post a day and keep you all updated on my each and every movement but the reality of it is this; I don't have that sort or time, nor dedication. And James BLUNTLY I don't necessarily want everyone to always know what is going on with me. What ever happened to privacy? It seems that being an artist immediately equals constant infatuation with the tiny indescribable crevices of my life which in all honesty arent as interesting as you might presume. That being said I will try my best to blog about stuff I do want to share and when I have the time to share them. I try my best not to fill these pages with nonsense just for the sake of having something for you to look at. That being said, I got some stuff for you to look at.. :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Uhhhh JEAH.

I mean its only 5GRAND. Why not?


Anywho, for all my fans thinking about a healthier lifestyle, I just found a lovely website called They feature all types of juicers, juice babe of the month as well as a "juice babes" section that features hot women who are raw, vegan, vegetarian-juicers and although I think its slightly degrading (yada yada sex sells whatever!) its nice to see all these women feel empowered because of their healthy choices. Its actually inspiring! But most importantly there's a section that answers the question, "why juice?" This website doesn't have recipes as far as i can see but its a good place to get started if you don't have a juicer and are interested in juicing but need an extra push.

Check it out!

I actually bumped into a young 58 year old man on the train that told me he was a vegetarian and learned a secret from his friend in Miami that helped him loose 15lbs in 2weeks!
Now, keeping in mind that this guy is already a vegetarian and his friend ALWAYS ate like this, for 2 weeks, he ate an all green breakfast juice-for lunch he had an all green salad and for dinner nuts and berries. This is ALL. And an unlimited amount of it. Im thinking about trying this-experimentally. Maybe I can get a few friends to do it with and we'll post our results!

Here's a delicious juice combination for folks that like something healthy AND sweet.
Carrot, apple, spinach and ginger ;)


Aiight enough rambling.. JUICE NATION

Friday, February 3, 2012

"Loose Change" Mega Mix!!!

This isssss theeeeeee official Hip Hop Sisters Mega Mix featuring (in order of musical appearance) Likwuid, Kween Ka$h, Mecca, AtLas', Kalae AllDay (check me at 4:40 :), Sweet 16, Bless Roxwell, Trouble Sim, Eagle Nebula, Protegee, and Tryna Rashun.

Loose change megamix


To keep with the "one man band theme".. Ebrahim

I was put on to this by a homie on facebook by the name of Sebastien Elkouby when I posted a song by Bernhoft. All I gotta say is THANK YOU. This is how good stuff het's out. We don't just keep it for ourselves, we share it with eachother. Blog it, talk about it, post it on other peoples social networks. Let's do this more often! And please if you hear something you think is awesome please send it to me via facebook. I listen/watch everything I can!


This dude FLY.

Check out the growth from video to video.

For more of this uber talented guys music visit his youtube HERE.

The Bernhoft wagon?

I just jumped on it. This one man band is BLOWING MY MIND. I fould him via Charlene Kaye's tumblr and fell in love. It's so rare nowadays that you see so much talent but on the other hand this looping/one-man/woman-band thing is getting very popular on the underground scene as people are almost FORCED to be completely self sufficient as well as EGO's GROW. Anywho, lets hope this dopeness was created out of creative necessity.

LALALALaLove this.

C'mon Sweet


Check out more of music and general awesomeness HERE.


Q-Tip covered for Questo Pesto at BK BOwl last night..

and I was hype. Abstract made an announcement that he was gonna play two more songs. I made up my mind.. It was now or never.. I turned to my friend Amanda Velez and said "I'ma ask Q-Tip to dance with me" she said "Go do it." She didn't think I was gonna do it.
I did though.
I walked to the front of the DJ booth and stared at him till he looked down at me. Then I mouthed-very clearly- COME DANCE WITH ME -hand jesters and all.
He said ok.
Came down.
Danced with me.
Ladies, the lesson of the story is the worst they can say is "NO."
And then I woulda STILL had a story- "Yo, last night I asked Q-tip to dance with me and he said NO :p LAME!" hahahah see?
Don't just be alive. LIVE.

Shouts to Abstract for being awesome and VERY GENTLEMANLY when dancing with me.


He's a LEGEND. Do you know that? ATCQ BIOTCHES!!!

Q Tip - "Gettin' Up" from ben dickinson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Charlene Kaye is omgilicious

So, I was soooo fortunate to meet the very talented, intelligent and beautiful Charlene Kaye at last years Tinder Box Festival. We immediately connected and decided to perform together and more importantly, SHOP TOGETHER. Anywho, this girl is AMAZE'n like chocolate covered strawberries with 24kt gold sprinkled over it. Seriously. I JUST saw all these lovely music videos of hers and I wanted to share them with you. I have them in chronological order so that you can see the progress. They are ALL fantastic and innovative and Im TRULY inspired by this chic right chere.

Lets do this.

(how awesome was the split screen?)

(how genius are the paper instruments??? ughhh its soo cool)

(I love the change of scenery and she looks yummy in the 20's gear :)

(Ummm I'm in love with this song. 'Tson repeats)

(This video is brilliant and gawgus!)

Okay so now what are you doing??
Visiting her website?