Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing with myself, among other things..

My amazingly talented sister from another mister Katherine Soutar and her lovely friend Lorraine Heller-Nicholas, have collaborated on this very unique gif project called 'Dancing with myself" inspired by the oh so lovely and talented Billy Idol (see amazing song/video BELOW). Since I got love for my family, I opted to be the first "model" for said project, so you can click the photo above to see the fully animated gif, or you can click HERE and be some of the firsts to volunteer! These Ozzy chicks are definitely amazing and I plan on working with them in the future for a music video so watch out for that and stay tuned my furry friends.. or waxed.. i don't know what you have going on down under! POW! i brough it full circle.. peace and chicken grease exoh THE MARVELOUS NOUVEAU