Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AudioWear Project SHOW.




Goddess of the Week


"I cant dishonor my vision or my vision will dishonor me" -LAdyGAga #wordsofwisdom


Ay Dios

September has been short and breezy and long and arduous all at once. For all my Goddesses that have awaited the arrival of the mixtape ever SO patiently, i regret to inform you that i have absolutely no idea when the lil f*cker is coming out. HOW EVA, i DO know, that i will be doing some very interesting things in the coming months musically that you will love.. i have done things already that you dont know about but you will love and adore that too. And i will love and adore you for your love and adornment ;) (hahaha?)

Anywho, for those of you who came to see me in philly, LOVE YOU.

For those of you who saw me and webster hall and the knitting factory last weekend, LOVE YOU.

For those who plan on seeing me in the near future, ill manifest you some projected love and for those of you who wont be in attendance, i rue the day u were born!

no no no, juss kiddin.. juss playin.. juss kid n' playin.. :) (hahaha?)

But, you WILL regret it. One day you'll have to pay BIG BUCKS to see me.

Well, what else do i have to say? I don't know, its like 6:42 am and i been up writing up a storm, i wish i smoked or drank or something that could make this sound much more romantic, but really i just have this green tea steepin with a wee bit of honey.. Life source vs. death source. Water over liquor. Yeah,yeah.

So these songs im writing, they're about FREEDOM, BRAVERY, TIME,etc i am turning 23 next month.. which technically means im 2 much for these NINJAS, and 3 much for these FOES. So im looking fo'ward to that. But at the same time, like clockwork, every year i ask myself "what have i done?" "what havent i done?" "could i have done more?" an no matter what, the answers to these questions are always "nothing" "everything" and "YES!" So how can i properly manifest better answers for next years' rounds?



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shows n Shows n Shows n Shows n

TINDER BIZOX--------------------------------->

Im doing a 45min set and no lie, its pretty much the first time. Its gonna be FUUUUUUUN. I go on at 4p. No lie. be there or be a equilateral parallelogram.


Friend/Fan art by Adam Rochester


Black Girl With Long Hair

So apparently im a "Natural Hair Style Icon" YAY FOR ME. I've fulfilled my one and only dream. I can retire now. Check out the interview below where im "so funny" and "fiercely gorgeous" HAY NOW! *3snaps*



"Rebel Nation" by Jah C and the Antidote ft. Yc The Cynic, Kalae All Day and Homeboy Sandman

Yo, the title of this post should intrigue you enough to press the link below.