Wednesday, December 21, 2011 and other news about Kitkats

I am a deusch. Mostly, because I don't know how to spell dusch. And Im gonna keep saying doosh until spell check stops underlining it with a squiggly red line! DOUSH DOCHE DOUCHE .. Omg. I gotta come clean, I asked my amazingly brilliant boyfriend how to spell it. Anywho, I didn't put my music video "20KitKats 4the RiffRaff" on here. How could I forget? I also havent talked about my post either, so here goes

SHARE IT! "like" it love it marry it have some kids with it HERE

Okay, and now the video embedded here just so ya know ya can listen, watch, masturbate to like 800 times a day.

And before I leave you I wanna talk about make up cuz in this video I got a lil lipstick on but in a video i recently shot i chose to go at it sans face batter and I was wondering what the world view on this was. I sure Erykah dont cake up. Most guys I know arent spending an hour in make up before they shoot a video so why must I? I guess I dont have to.. like i said i didnt and this video I just had some lipstick on-i was directing the video and it has like 18 people in it plus this one high maintenance light fixture. I didnt really have time to be all fussy about how i looked.. I think i turned out looking fine but I wanna know ppls personal opinions about this because I wont do one or the other all the time but i do feel like im taking a stand and making a statement when i go with out the face batter. LEt me know what you think..


Friday, December 2, 2011

"Ill Learn One Day" pt.1

These photos are from an impromptu shoot I did in my house (Kasa De Kalae) on Nov. 30th 2010. I have been going to a weekly meditation class for the past 6 weeks and I learned a lot about meditating actively on the moment that you are in. Living it up, isn't the same as soaking it in, and although my life at times can be really hectic and fast paced-which I love-I'm not always completely present in those moments and therefor can only recall them as if they were a fuzzy dream. I often feel like a zombie going through life without any real recollection of time and matter. I think this happens to the best of us and is something we should discuss and put effort into changing each day. Even in those dull, uninteresting moments. I was reading a book by Rabbi Schmuley Boteach and he spoke about horizontal and vertical renewal. Horizontal renewal occurs when you move from one tangible noun to another looking for some sort of fulfillment that is normally never reached, whereas vertical renewal is about pealing back the layers of one single thing you may come across everyday to find the mystical and erotic nature of yourself and that thing and your relationship to that thing. This is what I did in my apartment. I found a way to turn my boring, mundane, been there, seen that apartment into a living, breathing, palace of inspiration. In this installment I'll walk you through 10 photos in my bedroom. If you've been to my house before I hope you'll appreciate these as much as I do.

Also, when I upload these photos they often turn up so small so please read the blurb and then double click the photo to take a closer look. :)


"I'll Learn One Day" (photos by Kalae All Day)

Erykah Badu painting by Kalae All Day 2010 (Unfinished)

This photo has a few things going on that are interesting. First lets start with my mother in the bottom right corner. This is her when she was my age in the 70's. You can see that I have a pair of vintage shades hanging from my vision board on the left side of the photo. I whore those shades to death with my afro big as I wanted it to be and never did she utter the words "Kalae, I used to look just like that." That's my mom though, she has always allowed and encouraged me to be me. I just realized that this pic also show's the backside of my backstage pass to a Lupe Fiasco concert in 2007. Lupe had his manager right his phone number on the back of it so I could go see him perform at SOB's the following week.. Sweet.

N*E*R*D album from 2010 that I never bought and therefor never knew the name of. I did however steal this poster off of a wall somewhere.. Rather in my house then eventually in the trash somewhere right? Pharrell will never go out of style, even though he's a dorkOmega. But who isn't? I know I am.

This is atop a turquoise dresser I found on 107th st and Amsterdam with the sign "This is Free" on it. I also found my new couch recently with the exact same sign-wtf? I wonder if I'll ever see the top of the dresser again.

Another dresser, with a small bookshelf and my now TINY CD collection above it. I found this book about the ARt of Verbal self defense a very short time after I was in a verbally abusive relationship in early 2008. I found a lot of helpful tools in knowing when someone was attempting to belittle me. You gotta get all the help you can ladies.

To the right of my sub par Roots collection, I have White Tara who is a Hindu God of compassion. She's sometimes Buddha in female incarnate. She means a lot to me because she was given to me with the mantra "Om Mani Padme hum" which is the mantra of the lotus flower. My mother taught me that mantra when I was just a child. It's resurgence into my life was part majestic part absolutely necessary.

FAFI took Mac by storm. She is my personal favorite visual artist and Mac is the most GLAM line in make-up. And I've worked in make-up. Fafi takes you to your childhood fantasies and mysticism and turns them into bold, daring, adult fantasies. She's an innovator.

I find it interesting that the top center of this pic reads "Artist." This was completely accidental. That is the bottom part of my Brooklyn HipHop Festival Artist badge in 2010. That turntable under it? I found that on the street and took it home to vandalize. Someone put a down payment on it and then never picked it up.

My nephew had a huge influence on me growing up and he had these Numark turntables. Well now I have them GWAHAHAHA. Now all I need are new speakers. That blue pleather couch is my reading couch. I found it on 112th bet Broadway and Amsterdam and it somehow found it's way into my bedroom during the summer. I have read all of 2 chapter on that couch before it turned into a makeshift closet.

This picture needs no explanation. But I will explain the title. I named this series "I'll Learn One Day" because I really believe that one day my apartment will look like civilized people live in it. But.. no day soon..

Thanks for going on this journey with me. Hopefully it gave you a bit of insight into me and my life. I feel like we're closer. :)
Stay tuned for part.2


Lady Gaga and Annie Leibovitz

Lady Gaga has taken the world by storm these past few years and I have to say that her secret (if it IS a secret) is that she is FEARLESS. If you asked Lady Gaga, "Do you have any fears?" im more than sure her response would be "Huh? I'm sorry, I don't recall the word in which you speak of" Yes. Because this female lives every day like it's the last and that's something to really respect. She works on her craft and over comes every obstacle and has the courage of a hundred lions and the humility of a thousand Buddhas. Im so utterly impressed with her, more and more as the days go by. Kudos Gaga. And special thanks to Annie Leibovitz for taking such a spectacular photo of Gaga bearing her soul and body in an artistic and inspiring manner.

Beauty incarnate.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating music through personal experience

Really is there any other way? How does one right about what they do not know, without sounding contrived and void of meaning? Hopefully an artist is someone spawned out of necessity to create and not someone manufactured and duplicating false illusions and preconceived notions that they have no real grasp upon. I mean even mainstream artists who constantly recreate dance music have at least been to clubs and have dabbled in recreational behavior. It might be ignorant, empty and superficial but they are talking about their experiences. Experiences that most of the listeners have either been through and can relate to or can live vicariously through and for one brief moment in their lives they can escape. They can get away from mundane reality, from broken dreams and reckless abandonment of their identities. Maybe that's harsh but maybe its true.

But music can also be an escape for the artist so maybe your personal experience has thrust you into a fantasy playland where make believe is the only belief and reality is a lie. That too can be a reason to create. But does that contradict my first statement about writing what you know? Doesn't creativity, though inspired by the real, push the boundaries of surreal indefinitely? Is the loose definition of "creation," "to lie?" Is telling the truth creative? How you tell the truth can be creative but the more you push the truth and what's real the more "creative" you are. I want to be creative. I am creative. Does that make me someone who wants to lie? Does that make me a liar? I feel that my worth in this world will be measured by how creative I am while I'm on it. If my experiences are not enough, or too much, are pushing the boundaries of those experiences valid? Does this all not matter as long as it sounds good? Sometimes ill listen to an artist with everything to say in the world and think, wow that didn't sound good. Then Ill here the most ignorant, selfish rhyme of all time and it can be so sonically stimulating that I have no choice but to be encompassed by it in its ignorance and all.

When I make music from my heart, I'm emotionally satisfied. When I make music that releases a bit of pain from my heart, takes a little bit of the weight off my shoulders, I feel like my soul is being fed. When I push the boundaries of reality I feel visually and physically satisfied. Maybe every artist just needs to find his or her balance of reality and invention without lifting too far off the ground and still making music that people want to hear. Because at the end of the day, if you don't want to hear it, what the point of me making it?

All of that being said, i want to leave you with this song called "Damn That Chick" off my new mixtape "PassTimes & CrassLines."

Comet Course (Damn That Chick) (Produced by Flying Lotus) by Kalaeallday

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As i always say, OKAY PLAYA! I hope that one day Questlove sees my music on here!



Good Fella Media

Good Fella Media is Dope~ This is my first time being on this blog!



The Well Versed

This blog is Well Versed ;)




Hypetrak is the coolest!



Birthplace Mag

Manny from Birthplace Mag has been there since the birth of Kalae All Day and is aiding in my growth constantly. Thank you!




Herfection is Perfection.



"Pass Times & Crass Lines" CAME OUT TODAY! WooHoo

It has finally happened folks. It's here ya'll. Seriously. It's like actually out. For REAL.

Here's the link for the free download



Thursday, November 10, 2011


11.12.11 92 Y Tribeca (200 Hudson st)
time: 8pm
price: $12
performers: The Readnex Poetry Squad, Adam Matta and Kalae All Day

It'll be FUN! :)








Let me say is awesome because they actually listen and do a legit write up about the artist/song. Thanks for caring!






Kevin Nottingham

good stuff!



Okay so i know what most of you are thinkin, didn't this song come out last year Kalae? What the freak's the deal? Well none of the blogs gave it a chance last year and since the mixtape has been postponed for months and months and monthssssss, it was re-released in a better fashion :) but dont worry, much more NEW music to come,

but for now?

please feel free to comment and share with your buddy's. We need to hit these blogs hard so they know that its important for them to keep releasing my music on their blogs.

I can't do this without you folks, so every share and comment and like and download helps!!!




How could Andie pick Blane after THIS? I mean C'MON! This dude is THE MAN.

I got you Duckie..


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Like Water For Chocolate (Wells for Ethiopia)

Some of you might know that my birthday was last friday (Oct.14th) and I turned 23!! I decided to donate that day to Charity Water I told a few of my homies and blasted it a bit on facebook expecting to hit $1000 in a matter of days. Well that didn't work,,, and Im only NEAR a quarter of the way there so Im asking my bloggettes to please donate what you can and hopefully we can get to $1000 before the 65 days are up!

I believe in you!


Do something selfless everyday and you'll be a better person.


Not too shabby EH?

Im having fun with it!



Ok so I let my roommate Yvonne Soliman (FB), cut my hair yesterday and I completely love it. My boyfriend said I look like Elvis Presley but what does HE know?


So anyway, we're in phase two of the whole process-BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH! Ill post more pics later..

See ya,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AudioWear Project SHOW.




Goddess of the Week


"I cant dishonor my vision or my vision will dishonor me" -LAdyGAga #wordsofwisdom


Ay Dios

September has been short and breezy and long and arduous all at once. For all my Goddesses that have awaited the arrival of the mixtape ever SO patiently, i regret to inform you that i have absolutely no idea when the lil f*cker is coming out. HOW EVA, i DO know, that i will be doing some very interesting things in the coming months musically that you will love.. i have done things already that you dont know about but you will love and adore that too. And i will love and adore you for your love and adornment ;) (hahaha?)

Anywho, for those of you who came to see me in philly, LOVE YOU.

For those of you who saw me and webster hall and the knitting factory last weekend, LOVE YOU.

For those who plan on seeing me in the near future, ill manifest you some projected love and for those of you who wont be in attendance, i rue the day u were born!

no no no, juss kiddin.. juss playin.. juss kid n' playin.. :) (hahaha?)

But, you WILL regret it. One day you'll have to pay BIG BUCKS to see me.

Well, what else do i have to say? I don't know, its like 6:42 am and i been up writing up a storm, i wish i smoked or drank or something that could make this sound much more romantic, but really i just have this green tea steepin with a wee bit of honey.. Life source vs. death source. Water over liquor. Yeah,yeah.

So these songs im writing, they're about FREEDOM, BRAVERY, TIME,etc i am turning 23 next month.. which technically means im 2 much for these NINJAS, and 3 much for these FOES. So im looking fo'ward to that. But at the same time, like clockwork, every year i ask myself "what have i done?" "what havent i done?" "could i have done more?" an no matter what, the answers to these questions are always "nothing" "everything" and "YES!" So how can i properly manifest better answers for next years' rounds?



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shows n Shows n Shows n Shows n

TINDER BIZOX--------------------------------->

Im doing a 45min set and no lie, its pretty much the first time. Its gonna be FUUUUUUUN. I go on at 4p. No lie. be there or be a equilateral parallelogram.


Friend/Fan art by Adam Rochester


Black Girl With Long Hair

So apparently im a "Natural Hair Style Icon" YAY FOR ME. I've fulfilled my one and only dream. I can retire now. Check out the interview below where im "so funny" and "fiercely gorgeous" HAY NOW! *3snaps*



"Rebel Nation" by Jah C and the Antidote ft. Yc The Cynic, Kalae All Day and Homeboy Sandman

Yo, the title of this post should intrigue you enough to press the link below.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blitz The Ambassador "Best I Can" ft. Corneille

Blitz the Ambassador • Best I Can ft. Corneille from MVMT on Vimeo.

Amazing message, amazing visuals, amazing presentation.. this is how you DO IT!



Fulton Street show with Blitz The Ambassador

Come through! I hit at 3pm and Blitz the Ambassador hits at 6p SO STAY cause he's LITERALLY one of my FAVORITES OUT RIGHT NOW. SERIOUSLY.

Check him out:

More info on the show in the side bar-------------------------------------->>


Monday, August 29, 2011

Les Nubians "AFRODANCE"

C'mon, I had to.

Even if you dont have an afro, just appreciate the music!


Black August was AMAZING.

First of all, EVERYONE at BLACK AUGUST ROCKS M' SOCKS. Secondly Les Nubians are the most gorgeous individuals you might ever be blessed to lay you third eye on. Comprende? I bought a few dashikis for $5 on 30th and 5th-yes i share these things-and thought it would be incredibly appropriate to wear at Black August, no? It was a GOOd, GreaT, FANfrickenTASTIC show and I'm still coming down from it! Shouts to my homies that came through to support and everyone who enjoyed me enough to add me on facebook. Now we're REALLY friends, yes? Good. Here's video from the show :)

"My Name Is (Kalae All Day)"

"Say Suh'm"


"S&M (Sun&Moon)" + "20Kit Kats 4 The Riff Raff"

my bad for the darkness-i wanted a spotlight and dude was mentally retarded :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little treat for my fans!

This is for my homies that have been waiting and wishing and hoping for "Pass Times & Crass Lines" to lift.


MAD love

Come watch me rock Black August tonight (8/25) @ 9p

MORE INFO TO THE RIGHT------------------------------------------>


"Pass Times & Crass Lines" dropping 8/25??

Well, I would hope that some of you were waiting for my mixtape "Pass Times & Crass Lines" to drop today.. Well, bad news bear :( It got held up once again. You see, retrograde is FUCKING with me. But it's all good. I will be releasing "Pass Times & Crass Lines" Sep.10th and all those that want to support by getting a hard copy can come to see me rock a 45min set at Tinderbox at the Knitting Factory that night. The show will be off the chain, the mixtape is off the chain and I would love to see all of your gorgeous faces there supporting me. There's really nothing like it see all you true Kalae All Day homies, come through and support your girl. PS, anyone who shares my new bandpage today(thurs) gets an mp3 download link to a song off my mixtape. Make sure you tag me so I know you did it!

sorry for the delay ya'll! mad love though.


oh and PS Im rocking BLACK AUGUST tonight at 10p so be there!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Real Music vs. Bull $#!+

Real music vs. Bull $#!+ is gonna become a regular entry on this blog.
Real music: Kendrick Lamar's Section80.
Bull $#!+: Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch The Throne.
Maybe I'll elaborate later. I gtg be in my boyfriends music video. *AWWWWW CUTE*


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another rehearsal for Black August 8/25

Its really me.. I know my hair is straight but it's just a wig!!!


"Stick Up Kids" video shoot pics by Rhyson Hall

Thanks to everyone who came to the shoot and lent me props for the shoot-you all ROCK! It was a really hectic day but we made it through!

Rhyson Hall
Baxter P. Wordsworth
Ferima Faye
Raydar Ellis
Stephanie Rooker
Devon Stein
Atilla Ural
Grand Phee
Goodbye Blue Monday
Charlotte Mishell
Victoria Holt
Eddie Hubbard
Deborah Oster Pannell

i think that's all.. i hope i didn't forget anyone. MAD LOVE YALL!



What does it mean to be an artist with no muse
I make no sounds
I spark no fuse
It makes no sense to be not of use
So ill just lay down or go find a noose.

Or I go find you..

A picture of perfection
If pictures where scarred from life lessons
You're increasing the tension
So I use discretion

why? I cant mention..

You say I said too much
Well here's another example, but life's too tough
To not express what is ample, and rising up

What the fuck..

Sparks dwindling down
I need oxygen now
No playing possum, get out before it's rotten but how?
Its too awesome.

Love isn't forgotten..

Its just defrostin
Its just exhaustin

But ill pull through..
For you.


a different type of CRUSH

I was looking for "Crush" the new short by Dominic Colon that won best short at this years latino film festival but I couldn't find it. I DID however, find this lovely short called "The Crush" that was nominated for an oscar last year-and you'll see why. this kid is motha effin G.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Nikka Costa spoke to me this morning and she said "CAN'TNEVERDIDNOTHIN'" and I was like "oh true.."


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rehearsal for Black August 8/25

So, me and my lovey band Turnstylz were in rehearsal the other day and decided to add my 80 bar verse "20 Kit Kats 4 the Riff Raff(BRAIN POWER)" to a song I have on my EP with Sciryl Cooper ("The Sun, The Moon & The Stars") called "S&M (Sun&Moon)." Check out the video and keep in mind this was the first time I rapped those bars that fast.. It was intense. Come to the show next thursday to see the real deal go down flawlessly ;)



I was watching this and crying for all of the babies, all of the children that have died, all of the children that will die and all of the children that will grow up with no parents because of the drought in East Africa. If anyone can donate to this website

please do, have some compassion in you comfy beds, your comfy apartments with your tap water and 24 hour grocery stores for the people that have none of those things but have heart, and have walked, some for 30 days to refugee camps and had to leave siblings and children and parents dead in their tracks because there was nothing that they could do. I see their emaciated bodies and all I can think of is HOW CAN I HELP? WHY DO I FEEL SO HELPLESS?

Maybe I can get some artists to volunteer to do a benefit concert with me and we'll donate all the proceeds to Kenyans4Kenya. Would anyone be interested in this? If you are a promoter, if you own a venue, if you are a performer and you'd be down for something POSITIVE and MEANINGFUL like raising money to help people who are in greater need than yourself, please hit me.


Just him and his guitar

I had to add this one too. It's amazing what can happen online. To have someone like this hit me up and ask to collab-I get SO MUCH BULLSHIT aimed at my head on FB for this to fall into my hands like this just seems kismet. I mean I get asked to collab so much on FB and the majority of the time I don't really listen to the music because I'm all for letting music happen organically. I knew Sciryl for a year and did shows with him and chilled and bonded with him before we released a project together. There's something to that. Making music with people you have a connection with. That's how music should be done so it's almost against my religion to collab with someone I know nothing about and never had any human contact with.. But this guy, yo.. We had a talk and I found out he's a libra AND Jimi Hendrix is his idle? I have no doubt in my mind that you will all be hearing a collab from me and dude soon.


Just me and my guitar (Up Close and personal with Cash) from A Nu Day Media on Vimeo.


Monday, August 15, 2011

From C.R.E.A.M. to G.L.E.A.M

Where we came from..

Where we're going..

shouts to Cavalier and the whole NRO (New Rap Order) crew.


Charles Cash Bryant hit me up on facebook..

I been working on my guitar skills back and fourth for a year or so now.. It's seems like every time I get some good quality calluses on my fingertips I plateau, get uninspired and put the guitar down. This dude makes me wanna go pick it back up. Like Righ' now, righ' now.

Cash "Flaws" Organic Performance from A Nu Day Media on Vimeo.

Charles Cash Bryant on facebook.

How could you not be impressed?


"Pass Times & Crass Lines" dropping 8/25

Mercury in retrograde my ass..


Pics from the Sol Collective in Sacremento, CA

Just stumbled upon these photos in my computer that I took last year while I was touring with Rebel Diaz and YC The Cynic. They're from this non profit called the Sol Collective which is kind of like the RDAC of the west coast. I remember it being a very chill place and obviously full with lots of art and inspiration. Hope you like the pics!


Miss Representation

Newest Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection) from on Vimeo.

This is a documentary that my home girl DJ DopeShoes put me on to today. I wanna set up a screening of this film with DopeShoes so anyone that's interested hit me up and we'll make a little event surrounding it. My all female sisterhood, Fem'Fatale, will be heavily involved but I ENCOURAGE men to come and watch and for all of us to invite young women in our lives to watch this documentary!

The depiction of women in media is a topic that is discussed so often in Fem'Fatale and in my life in general, its great that someone cared enough to make this the topic of a documentary. I can't wait to see it!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Band Called Fuse

I feel like this should be up here, i gotta start showing more love to all my brilliant artist friends on my blog. Listen, I know some of the most talented people in NY.. which means that I know some of the most talented people in the world. There is so much amazing talent to inspire me and keep that fire under my ass, It just wouldn't be right if I didn't share it with you. So "The Band Called Fuse" BONG!


Shooting from britta thie on Vimeo.

This is deep to me because of the underlying theme of dehumanization in modeling. If you were a photographer taking picture of her every frame was gorgeous but she's being barked at like a dog and obeying like one. Its such a strange dichotomy to get something so beautiful done so distastefully.


Baby Just Be U -KAD

Baby just be U

i see you with your head held high
your socks rolled up and your converse shoes
and i say baby just be U

i love your nappy hair and the way your chin reflects the same
don't cut that off for business meetings
baby just be U

when you took that scarf and wrapped it around your head like you were the reincarnation of jimi hendrix..
when you thought you were the reincarnation of jimi hendrix..
with a better business savvy..
when i thought you were jimmy too,
i thought baby just be U

when you started balding at 19 cuz you're tall enough for the sun to sear the hair off the top of your head,
i said baby just be U

your body is soft and hard and long and short and big and small
baby just be U

your skin is rough and smooth and hairy and bare and light and dark
baby just be U

i saw you staring in the mirror feeling really good about yourself and i wished i could be like that when i looked in the mirror..
i admire your confidence sister.. brother..
baby just be U

i saw you reading a book with your frames on.. no lenses.. and i thought i could do that too..
i admire your ability to be audaciously fly and brilliantly educated
baby just be U

every time you eat like you never ate before and you get the ITIS, you open up a button on the top of your hipster jeans and I've never been more attracted to you and your protruding belly..

every time you roll a blunt and i want to know what hurts you, i become more intrigued by your pain and depth..

every time you bite your tongue i want to suck the blood that drips from it..

every time you earn a dollar i wonder what 100 thoughts you exchanged for them..

every time you wear your jeans under your ass with a belt i wonder who your mother is..

every time you touch me i wonder why your hands keep changing..

U have power, U are sexy.

U are playful, U have facets.

U are insecure.

and i love U,

so baby,

just be U.


Full Moon

Hello Moon, you are beautiful, you are spherical.. 360.. life.. creation.. destruction.. you control water, water is life.. you are powerful, we share a cycle and I am in awe of you. For the past couple of months me and a select amount of ladies have participated in a full moon ceremony where we burn sacred herbs and thank the moon for the many gifts it has bestowed upon us. I am full of mystical forces and inspiration after cleansing my chakras and giving myself up to the moon and the female energy that surrounded me. It was a blessing. I am blessed. We are blessed.

Shouts to Chesney Snow, Alyson Greenfield, Andrew Gutterson, Magdelena Snow, Stephanie Rooker, Ferima Faye, Agueda Ramirez, Sasha, Ben Tyree, NRO (Cavalier, SupaNova, MC K.Swift, TreZZure, Faro-Z..), Sciryl Cooper, Ohene Cornelius, Jenna, Johnell, Sahair, Chaz VanQueen and all the other amazingly beautiful people I encountered today.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Photoshoot with Alex Bershaw

Click to view larger

I took it upon myself to edit this photo that was taken by Alex Bershaw and he didn't like the saturation so im posting it on here for you all to see and judge for yourselves.. I LOVE saturation, it represents the spectrum of color in my heart.


Erykah Badu

Ahhhh ive found a great example already, found this online, thought it was dope, sharing it with you.. Erykah Badu is one of my biggest influences, she's a goddess and I the UTMOST respect for her and her talent. A video like this would never be on MTV and it should. She looks beautiful, she's moving with poise and fluidity even though she's not a "dancer" you can understand and appreciate the movement and the emotion of this video and song more than anything on WTT but they have something to sell you.. Erykah is just trynna tell you..


My blog is getting a make over. In the next few weeks lots will be changing. One of which will be how often I post on my blog vs how often I post on facebook/twitter. I'm dedicating more time to my blog because I feel like my blog gives my fans a better sense of who I am. I need a more creative space to better display who I am because I'm not 140 characters or less and I'm definitely not "hope you catch me on ur news feed of your other 2,000 friends you have on facebook and you never check your messages or invites and then ask me why u don't know I'm on tour" Grrrr! Here you will catch video from me, pieces written by me, pictures taken by me and if I happen upon some genuinely cool ish online I will post and write my opinion but honestly I wont be like one of those blogs that just reblogs other blogs.. I dont know about you but I HATE that. And I dont use "hate" a lot. I also dont use "bitch" and "nigga" a lot. FYI. Im just an afro attached to a singer/rapper/songwriter and she's like 5'10 which is how tall all girls should be, that's all im trynna say.

Stay in the blogisphere

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It was just brought to my attention that an anonymous person in ATL painted this SPECTACULAR painting of me and I might never know who to thank and give a milli praises to. There is nothing like someone painting you. This means SOOO much to me. Thank you. Who ever you are.

'Preciate it.


ps.this just might be my mixtape cover :)