Monday, November 5, 2012

If its White, Dont Bite|The Marvelous Nouveau|Sexy Never Left

Wattup Neo Hippies?!??! I know I always have these long pauses in between posts-I will get my act together one day-but Im about to bring sexy back.. Wait.. Sexy never left.. but anywho, I would like to introduce you all to my new fashion blog This blog will have more frequent updates with fashion that I adore mixed in with social, political, and cultural commentary. Its a little bit of everything but fashion ties it all in. Hopefully soon Ill start featuring some wearable looks of my own including shopping tips and how to wear one item in a zillion different looks! Also DIY pieces which if you didn't know, I am a jewelry designer so I know a thing or two about being chic at little to no cost. I will continue to use this blog to post juice recipes and herbal remedies and my inner monologues--which often sound like dialogues--so keep up with both and reblog! repost! repeat. And remember, if its WHITE, DONT BITE! exoh KALAE