Monday, November 15, 2010

A Song About Bacon (Requested by Mmadu Ulasi)

My belly aint achin for bacon
Honestly I only had it once, I was eight and
My stomach started grumblin
Hands started shakin
Feeling off balance like the ground's earthquakin
It was a mistake, havin it again aint a risk worth takin
Hunny you can take it,
Bake it, shake it
Do what you gotta do to make it
Even if you covered it with cake dip-

I still wouldn't taste it :-/

Dont you know whats added in?
Steroidal is the adjective
Preservatives and additives
Hormones injected into it-
Can now be found inside our kids
Hows he 10 and so damn big?
Trynna figure how your 9 year old just got her period?
Its serious
And all these companies act so oblivious
You think they care about your health?
Eddie, you straight delirious
Tell me are you hearing this, nah?
All the people that pray to Allah
Dont eat it
So I say "Beat It" :D

-------Kalae All Day

16 O'the day