Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bed Bugs (for Lorne Norton)

Mama said goodnight
Dont let the bed bugs bite
But little did she know
New Yorks a bed bug site
They saw big apple in the head lights
Wanted a bite
So they rolled out like dice
Now they're the new head lice

I'm scratchin rippin off my skin
And they aint even biting me
It's just the thought of them within
It's really quite frightening
I heard they're in the AMC
I heard they're in YMCA
The new big thing
Next they'll have a float at MACY's day parade!

It's such a shame
Or such a sham
Could this just be a mattress scam?
We are in a recession
Maybe this got them out of a jam
They spread a couple bugs around
With profit as the master plan
But little did they know
The bugs would grow and then get outta hand

You never know
Nowadays what might be behind what we see
We swallow in the news
Instead of looking past what could just be
Another thrax, another cow
Or maybe a chicken disease
Or If Im paranoid
And just spreadin conspiracy theories


16 O'the Day