Friday, February 26, 2010

So.. did i tell you my album is dropping?

No? No fricken way, what kinda person am i? Well here goes..

AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK [my fricken debut] drops 03.17.10!!!!!
avail on and hard copy soon thereafter at Fat Beatzzzz say whuh??
Any who, "They" say 3.17 is my lucky day.. "They" forgot to tell me that it's Saint Patty's.. But hey, me and Patty can share, right???

So i got the press release nice and ready for anyone who wants it! Brooklyn Bodega will have it up soon.. Hit me if you know some really dope places I should send it to.

Assssssssss for the album release party cuz i know you were waiting to here that, it will be the 19th at a secret location called "Body&Soul Tattoo" on 1st and ave A.. shhhh dont tell a soul. Guest appearances include the likes of Princess Superstar, Moby and fricken JEAN fricken GRAE.. But really im not supposed to name drop like that..


Don't do drugs.. cuz one day ull wake up at 21 and wonder where your life went.. what did u accomplish those past 21 years? and sometimes.. u dont even have to be on drugs..

more to cum