Monday, August 23, 2010

*The Live Food Challenge*


Yeah - we bought a lot...but it's all good, nutritious, yummy, living food!!

It has begun. KalaeAllDay's & my (Stephanie Rooker's) & 2-week *Live Food Challenge* is ON!!

Sunday we attended a dope workshop at Raw Soul, in the heights (Washington, that is). We learned so many thangs! For example, "raw food" is actually different than "living food" (WHY?), which forced us to change the name of our challenge to reflect what we're really going for here. After being enlightened about many things raw & live, we shoveled heaps of delicious live food into our faces. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Armed with hella information from the workshop, monday we hit the Park Slope Food Co-op to pick up *a few things* we'd need for the week's un-cooking. ;') First meal: gazpacho -- a total success. We got our grains & seeds sprouting, dinner party plans in the works, & lists of our fav raw restaurants on hand for there is much more goodness to come!

Y'all are invited!! ;')

- Stephanie Rooker