Friday, May 20, 2011

Napster baby, yeah!

So! Big News! Me and SciryL Cooper's EP "The Sun, The Moon & The Stars" has been featured on Napsters HipHop main page. Please, please, hold your applause. ;) . I am so happy that people are really liking this EP and giving it a chance to be something really different in the hiphop world but accepting it for its uniqueness. I appreciate each and every one of you who have bought it, and/or downloaded it illegally. You rock. Stay tuned.




Monday, May 16, 2011

"The Sun, The Moon & The Stars (3am REMIX)" FREE DOWNLOAD

Oh yea, this is the beginning of "The Sun, The Moon & The Stars" REMIX's! We will be releasing one every two weeks or so, so LOOK OUT! These joints are FIRE and are sure to get your booty shaking. Tell all the DJ's you know! They want THIS ISH in rotation!!

Kalae All Day & SciryL Cooper - The Sun, The Moon & The Stars (3 AM Remix) by Turnstylz

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011 (My top 10 best dressed!)

10) Anna Wintour. For those of you who don't know, Anna Wintour has been editor-in-chief for Vogue magazine the past 22 years (since i was BORN) and hosts The Met Costume Institute Gala. So, thank you Anna for putting together this amazing fashion event honoring Alexander McQueen and inviting some of the biggest names in fashion and celebrity, and looking so got damn goot doin it!

9)Diane Kruger (with Joshua Jackson-I don't wanna wait.. for our lives to be over, i want to know right now, what will it be???) I think that chica was laying it DOWN with the huge slit and all that fabulous leg saying hi. Its not the most fabulous dress in the world but the way she's wearing it GOT ME.

8) Christina Ricci. I think we often forget about this mysterious little woman-or at least I do. I love her though and every time I see her Im reminded of "Casper the Friendly Ghost" and "That Darn Cat" and get all nostalgic. ANYwho, im just loving her in the Zac Posen dress looking as mischievous as ever. Its very "Kiss of the Spider Woman" meets "The Nightmare before Christmas."

7)Fergie (and boo Josh Duhamel) looks amazing in this lace dreaaaaam. She's a vertically challenged girl and it doesn't help that her statuesque hubby Josh Duhamel is casting a giant shadow over her but she still pulls off this look very well.

6) Jennifer Lopez (with ver stylish husband Marc Anthony) looks dashing in this to die for red number by Gucci. I think that they were the best dressed couple at the Gala. Sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce you didn't make my top 10 because frankly, I think B's Pucci dress was too much for her to handle and Jay-Z ensemble was a complete BORE. MARCIFER ALL DAY!

5) Solange. On the OTHER hand, B's lil sis has been blowing me away lately with her new found sense of style. She is killing this pattern that looks Africa inspired with a couture twist. I'm feeling the eye make up too. S over B any and every day.

4) Gisele Bundchen (with her man Tom Brady) is pulling number four because of this pose. She is SUCH a model-this pic looks like something you would find in an add campaign for a new fragrance. I won't lie, the dress is pretty tame but the train is KILLING IT. Kudos Gisele. You are effervescent and you glow uncontrollably.

3) Bar Rafaeli. Honestly I don't know who this girl is, but this dress is PHENOMENAL! I must find out who its by. The pattern is so intricate and inspiring I could probably write a song about it. Who names their child "Bar" though.. seriously.. someone who went in labor there.. :/

2) Blake 'mutha f'n" Lively. I will now refer to Blake Lively as Blake "motha f'n" Lively because she comes prepared to KILL every. single. time. She has that girl next door that's doing something kinky look, and is her own stylist. She's flawless, fearless and foxy! Ok, i through that last one in, but the girl has got it goin on. This look is perfection and if it wasn't for my bias for gold and sequins, she would have ranked the number one spot! (sari Iman hehehe)

1) Iman. Stoic, graceful, and a whole lot of woman. Iman is demanding all the attention in this look. Iman is my number one pic for best dress at this years Gala because this sequin number is givin Beyonce something to think about when she gets home. Iman is forever young and looks like she's been dipped in GOLD. I LOVE this look-i want to STEAL this look, (but of course I'd rock a huge afro ;), and marry this look. I love that she's rocking pants so elegantly and with so much femininity which can be hard to do. Janelle Monae tried it out too and didn't really kill it the way I would have hoped and wished for her, but its a hard thing to balance. Iman, you are an Icon and role model and humanitarian and I will steal this outfit from you one day :D.

ex oh.