Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I started to rhyme (inspired by Damion Williams)

I was a youngin disgusted by thuggin
More for the huggin
I aspired to teach about lovin
And not for nothin,
Felt empowered by words from my cousin
Really my nephew,
Older than me, but taller I grew-
Just like the vocab he spewed
Shedding light on ideas and views
Like a new outlet for news
A new tool to commune
I stared so amused and thought,
Yo, I can do that too!
I took a pen to paper
My voche coache see you later
Didn't know what to expect
Still I wrote with mad flavor
Something to savor
Something to put me on the rada'
And take you from your problems
Like I'm trynna be ya savior
Then I came right back
To show my nephew that
I could rhyme spit flow-
Shit all over other cats
But my plan back fired, so inspired,
Here's the fact
My nephew said to me
"Auntie, that shit was whack"

---Kalae All Day

16 o'the day