Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Domestic Abuse (for Dannya Azem)

Getting angry
Throwing a fit
Throw them bows
When you deal with a bitch
She was a lady
But you dont give a shit
Cuz when you mad
All you given is hits
All she kissin is fists
Swole lips,

And you shoven her tits
Bruisen her hips
And you think this normal?
Normal, when you dealing with dicks
Dealing with pricks
Thinkin they manhood's
Bigger than this
Yes It's my pinky finger
Nigga you aint bigger than THIS

Boast to your click
Get a toast cuz your woman is whipped
But when they fire off the clip
Who's first to duck in the ditch?
You say you fuckin a witch
But tell me buddy, if you dont like the pussy
Then why the fuck you takin a lick?
Cuz you thinkin you slick

I see your future homie
Ima bouta give you the jist
"I didnt do it officer I swear she tellin a fib,
As for her broken ribs,
Didn't brake'em but I prolly couldnt tell you who did"
Tell it to the judge,
Later you can say to your kids
"I was just Frontin"
Like a Pharrell adlib


16 O'the Day