Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey lovely lovers, I just wanted to give you a heads up about my show tonight in BOSTON! It will be a live, dope, off the charts event so you might wanna come through. Im just saying, if you're not scared and curled up in the fetal position in a corner somewhere. Love your life. See you tonight gods n god'esses ;-).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Domestic Abuse (for Dannya Azem)

Getting angry
Throwing a fit
Throw them bows
When you deal with a bitch
She was a lady
But you dont give a shit
Cuz when you mad
All you given is hits
All she kissin is fists
Swole lips,

And you shoven her tits
Bruisen her hips
And you think this normal?
Normal, when you dealing with dicks
Dealing with pricks
Thinkin they manhood's
Bigger than this
Yes It's my pinky finger
Nigga you aint bigger than THIS

Boast to your click
Get a toast cuz your woman is whipped
But when they fire off the clip
Who's first to duck in the ditch?
You say you fuckin a witch
But tell me buddy, if you dont like the pussy
Then why the fuck you takin a lick?
Cuz you thinkin you slick

I see your future homie
Ima bouta give you the jist
"I didnt do it officer I swear she tellin a fib,
As for her broken ribs,
Didn't brake'em but I prolly couldnt tell you who did"
Tell it to the judge,
Later you can say to your kids
"I was just Frontin"
Like a Pharrell adlib


16 O'the Day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bed Bugs (for Lorne Norton)

Mama said goodnight
Dont let the bed bugs bite
But little did she know
New Yorks a bed bug site
They saw big apple in the head lights
Wanted a bite
So they rolled out like dice
Now they're the new head lice

I'm scratchin rippin off my skin
And they aint even biting me
It's just the thought of them within
It's really quite frightening
I heard they're in the AMC
I heard they're in YMCA
The new big thing
Next they'll have a float at MACY's day parade!

It's such a shame
Or such a sham
Could this just be a mattress scam?
We are in a recession
Maybe this got them out of a jam
They spread a couple bugs around
With profit as the master plan
But little did they know
The bugs would grow and then get outta hand

You never know
Nowadays what might be behind what we see
We swallow in the news
Instead of looking past what could just be
Another thrax, another cow
Or maybe a chicken disease
Or If Im paranoid
And just spreadin conspiracy theories


16 O'the Day

Nov.19th show!

Ya'll better come out and show some love! This is highly likely to be the last show I do in NY this year! I will definitely be giving away some free merch tonight so COME THROUGH!! Plus Stephanie Rooker ROCKs m'SOCKs!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It was just brought to my attention that I missed THE MOST, GORGEOUS, SEXYFIED, STEAMIEST, HOTTIE of all HOTTIES!!!!


Im so sorry, and for that I will dub him "Sexiest Man Who EVER Lived"

Thank you for understanding.

ps.Pretend Djimon Hounsou has a shirt on. AND THEN pretend he doesn't ;-).

People Mag's "Sexiest Man Alive" gets a run for their money

Move over Reynolds Wrap Ryan!! We know you were recently chosen by PEOPLE MAGAZINE as the Sexiest Man Alive 2010, however we've got the holiest of the molies, the dreamiest of the Mc Dreamies, the creme de la creme... well you get the point! Here is our choice of The Sexiest Men Alive aka The Top 10 Hotty McHotties of 2010! BONG!

10) For our tenth spot we have rapper/singer Kid Cudi from Cleavland, Ohio. Kid Cudi oozes originality, creativity and innovation and for that he is SEXY.

9) For our ninth spot we chose actor John Cho from Los Angeles, CA. This South Korean cutie won us over with his humor and charming good looks. Funny equals HOT in our book!

8) Coming up in eighth place, TAYE FRICKEN DIGGS! Hailing from Rochester, NY (and some very lucky lady's womb) Actor Taye Diggs is EASILY one of the most gorgeous men alive today, yesterday and tomorrow.

7) Seventh on our Hottie countdown is Actor/Model/Philanthropist Djimon Hounsou from Cotonou, Benin. We love him because not only is he a smoking hot but he's also a family man with a big heart.

6) The man, the myth, the Legend. Literally, you can ImDb it. The Fresh Prince, the Man In Black, he Floats like a butterfly, Stings like a bee, the 7 pound man himself... you guessed it! WILL SMITH!!!! Frooooom West Philadelphia, born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days.. ok, we're getting off topic. We picked Will because of his impressive acting ability and even more impressive genes. Proof and point Willow and Jaden Smith.

5) Now this is a good one. At number five, the delicious, the scrumptious, the mmm mmmh good Terrence "Good God" Howard by way of Cleavland, Ohio. This man is not only unbelievably good looking, but he is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD LOOKING! 'Nough said.

4) In fourth place we have Actor Penn Badgley from Baltimore, MD. This Gossip Girl star rose to our attention in 2002 when he played a witty, young, stud muffin in the TV series "Do Over." He has been a MAJOR heart throb since.

3) What would you get, if you dipped chocolate into a batch of chocolate and then drizzled chocolate sauce all over it? Our third McHottie, Actor Lance Gross (By the way, he's so not gross.) Lance grew up in Oakland, CA but now permanently resides in our fantasies. You cannot have him. He belongs to us.

2) Now we have the second hottest man EVA Mr. Blair Underwood (must be said in a whispering voice) from Tacoma, WA. He is the Denzel of our generation. He's suave.. he's debonair.. he's.. he's.. God, just look at him!

1) And a drum roll please (insert drum roll here) for our numero uno, top SEXIEST most HOT, HOTTIE McHOTTIE..............................................BORIS KODJOE! I mean, this guy has got the goods. He's got the skills to pay the bills! Half German half Ghanaian and entirely steamy. If gorgeous could be sold, his face would be on THE BOX. Actor/Model/extremely sexy human being Boris Kodjoe from Vienna, Austria is our pick for number one Sexiest Men Alive!

For all the hotties that didn't make the list, there's always next year!


Monday, November 15, 2010

A Song About Bacon (Requested by Mmadu Ulasi)

My belly aint achin for bacon
Honestly I only had it once, I was eight and
My stomach started grumblin
Hands started shakin
Feeling off balance like the ground's earthquakin
It was a mistake, havin it again aint a risk worth takin
Hunny you can take it,
Bake it, shake it
Do what you gotta do to make it
Even if you covered it with cake dip-

I still wouldn't taste it :-/

Dont you know whats added in?
Steroidal is the adjective
Preservatives and additives
Hormones injected into it-
Can now be found inside our kids
Hows he 10 and so damn big?
Trynna figure how your 9 year old just got her period?
Its serious
And all these companies act so oblivious
You think they care about your health?
Eddie, you straight delirious
Tell me are you hearing this, nah?
All the people that pray to Allah
Dont eat it
So I say "Beat It" :D

-------Kalae All Day

16 O'the day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I started to rhyme (inspired by Damion Williams)

I was a youngin disgusted by thuggin
More for the huggin
I aspired to teach about lovin
And not for nothin,
Felt empowered by words from my cousin
Really my nephew,
Older than me, but taller I grew-
Just like the vocab he spewed
Shedding light on ideas and views
Like a new outlet for news
A new tool to commune
I stared so amused and thought,
Yo, I can do that too!
I took a pen to paper
My voche coache see you later
Didn't know what to expect
Still I wrote with mad flavor
Something to savor
Something to put me on the rada'
And take you from your problems
Like I'm trynna be ya savior
Then I came right back
To show my nephew that
I could rhyme spit flow-
Shit all over other cats
But my plan back fired, so inspired,
Here's the fact
My nephew said to me
"Auntie, that shit was whack"

---Kalae All Day

16 o'the day

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tell me how you feel about Space Travel..

I decided to go with "Black and Shiny" as my outfit theme for my next music video "Space Travel" feat. Sciryl and Turnstylz. This video will be A LOT of fun but completely different than my debut video "O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER" which ive placed below just in case you are unfamiliar.. Basically this look is inspired by my recent extravagant purchase--a VINTAGE white 3/4 fur coat-what what??-that i will be wearing over this look. Its very Cruela DeVil if she was black and a hipster. So look closely at the UttaKAOS shades im reppin and tell me what you think!!