Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Just Be U -KAD

Baby just be U

i see you with your head held high
your socks rolled up and your converse shoes
and i say baby just be U

i love your nappy hair and the way your chin reflects the same
don't cut that off for business meetings
baby just be U

when you took that scarf and wrapped it around your head like you were the reincarnation of jimi hendrix..
when you thought you were the reincarnation of jimi hendrix..
with a better business savvy..
when i thought you were jimmy too,
i thought baby just be U

when you started balding at 19 cuz you're tall enough for the sun to sear the hair off the top of your head,
i said baby just be U

your body is soft and hard and long and short and big and small
baby just be U

your skin is rough and smooth and hairy and bare and light and dark
baby just be U

i saw you staring in the mirror feeling really good about yourself and i wished i could be like that when i looked in the mirror..
i admire your confidence sister.. brother..
baby just be U

i saw you reading a book with your frames on.. no lenses.. and i thought i could do that too..
i admire your ability to be audaciously fly and brilliantly educated
baby just be U

every time you eat like you never ate before and you get the ITIS, you open up a button on the top of your hipster jeans and I've never been more attracted to you and your protruding belly..

every time you roll a blunt and i want to know what hurts you, i become more intrigued by your pain and depth..

every time you bite your tongue i want to suck the blood that drips from it..

every time you earn a dollar i wonder what 100 thoughts you exchanged for them..

every time you wear your jeans under your ass with a belt i wonder who your mother is..

every time you touch me i wonder why your hands keep changing..

U have power, U are sexy.

U are playful, U have facets.

U are insecure.

and i love U,

so baby,

just be U.