Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon

Hello Moon, you are beautiful, you are spherical.. 360.. life.. creation.. destruction.. you control water, water is life.. you are powerful, we share a cycle and I am in awe of you. For the past couple of months me and a select amount of ladies have participated in a full moon ceremony where we burn sacred herbs and thank the moon for the many gifts it has bestowed upon us. I am full of mystical forces and inspiration after cleansing my chakras and giving myself up to the moon and the female energy that surrounded me. It was a blessing. I am blessed. We are blessed.

Shouts to Chesney Snow, Alyson Greenfield, Andrew Gutterson, Magdelena Snow, Stephanie Rooker, Ferima Faye, Agueda Ramirez, Sasha, Ben Tyree, NRO (Cavalier, SupaNova, MC K.Swift, TreZZure, Faro-Z..), Sciryl Cooper, Ohene Cornelius, Jenna, Johnell, Sahair, Chaz VanQueen and all the other amazingly beautiful people I encountered today.