Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was watching this and crying for all of the babies, all of the children that have died, all of the children that will die and all of the children that will grow up with no parents because of the drought in East Africa. If anyone can donate to this website


please do, have some compassion in you comfy beds, your comfy apartments with your tap water and 24 hour grocery stores for the people that have none of those things but have heart, and have walked, some for 30 days to refugee camps and had to leave siblings and children and parents dead in their tracks because there was nothing that they could do. I see their emaciated bodies and all I can think of is HOW CAN I HELP? WHY DO I FEEL SO HELPLESS?

Maybe I can get some artists to volunteer to do a benefit concert with me and we'll donate all the proceeds to Kenyans4Kenya. Would anyone be interested in this? If you are a promoter, if you own a venue, if you are a performer and you'd be down for something POSITIVE and MEANINGFUL like raising money to help people who are in greater need than yourself, please hit me.