Monday, August 29, 2011

Black August was AMAZING.

First of all, EVERYONE at BLACK AUGUST ROCKS M' SOCKS. Secondly Les Nubians are the most gorgeous individuals you might ever be blessed to lay you third eye on. Comprende? I bought a few dashikis for $5 on 30th and 5th-yes i share these things-and thought it would be incredibly appropriate to wear at Black August, no? It was a GOOd, GreaT, FANfrickenTASTIC show and I'm still coming down from it! Shouts to my homies that came through to support and everyone who enjoyed me enough to add me on facebook. Now we're REALLY friends, yes? Good. Here's video from the show :)

"My Name Is (Kalae All Day)"

"Say Suh'm"


"S&M (Sun&Moon)" + "20Kit Kats 4 The Riff Raff"

my bad for the darkness-i wanted a spotlight and dude was mentally retarded :)