Friday, August 12, 2011


My blog is getting a make over. In the next few weeks lots will be changing. One of which will be how often I post on my blog vs how often I post on facebook/twitter. I'm dedicating more time to my blog because I feel like my blog gives my fans a better sense of who I am. I need a more creative space to better display who I am because I'm not 140 characters or less and I'm definitely not "hope you catch me on ur news feed of your other 2,000 friends you have on facebook and you never check your messages or invites and then ask me why u don't know I'm on tour" Grrrr! Here you will catch video from me, pieces written by me, pictures taken by me and if I happen upon some genuinely cool ish online I will post and write my opinion but honestly I wont be like one of those blogs that just reblogs other blogs.. I dont know about you but I HATE that. And I dont use "hate" a lot. I also dont use "bitch" and "nigga" a lot. FYI. Im just an afro attached to a singer/rapper/songwriter and she's like 5'10 which is how tall all girls should be, that's all im trynna say.

Stay in the blogisphere