Wednesday, December 21, 2011 and other news about Kitkats

I am a deusch. Mostly, because I don't know how to spell dusch. And Im gonna keep saying doosh until spell check stops underlining it with a squiggly red line! DOUSH DOCHE DOUCHE .. Omg. I gotta come clean, I asked my amazingly brilliant boyfriend how to spell it. Anywho, I didn't put my music video "20KitKats 4the RiffRaff" on here. How could I forget? I also havent talked about my post either, so here goes

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Okay, and now the video embedded here just so ya know ya can listen, watch, masturbate to like 800 times a day.

And before I leave you I wanna talk about make up cuz in this video I got a lil lipstick on but in a video i recently shot i chose to go at it sans face batter and I was wondering what the world view on this was. I sure Erykah dont cake up. Most guys I know arent spending an hour in make up before they shoot a video so why must I? I guess I dont have to.. like i said i didnt and this video I just had some lipstick on-i was directing the video and it has like 18 people in it plus this one high maintenance light fixture. I didnt really have time to be all fussy about how i looked.. I think i turned out looking fine but I wanna know ppls personal opinions about this because I wont do one or the other all the time but i do feel like im taking a stand and making a statement when i go with out the face batter. LEt me know what you think..