Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just him and his guitar

I had to add this one too. It's amazing what can happen online. To have someone like this hit me up and ask to collab-I get SO MUCH BULLSHIT aimed at my head on FB for this to fall into my hands like this just seems kismet. I mean I get asked to collab so much on FB and the majority of the time I don't really listen to the music because I'm all for letting music happen organically. I knew Sciryl for a year and did shows with him and chilled and bonded with him before we released a project together. There's something to that. Making music with people you have a connection with. That's how music should be done so it's almost against my religion to collab with someone I know nothing about and never had any human contact with.. But this guy, yo.. We had a talk and I found out he's a libra AND Jimi Hendrix is his idle? I have no doubt in my mind that you will all be hearing a collab from me and dude soon.


Just me and my guitar (Up Close and personal with Cash) from A Nu Day Media on Vimeo.