Thursday, May 21, 2009


so ur days wont uncover
the rythm of ur soul
so u stay up my brother
untill the stories told
like dont tell the maker
she made it for the shut eye
or the earth just happens
to rotate on the axiii
of love, bold as
im taking in my jimi
like a head band of acid
in colors hear me clearly
or feel me i write in ink pens
with no friends, around
distraction free omittin the sounds
lest they spewin out the voice box
or maybe outside boyz gettin shot
cuz they makin corners hot
a tear hits the pillow before my face can make it
i weep in the night so in daylight cant fake it
my mental barrier is gone u can take it
replace it
with a fear free face kit...

lol just a taste..
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