Thursday, May 28, 2009

ALERT NOUNS- Places (inst. #2)

Last week in my 1st installment of ALERT things, I told you about my fave new watch company Nooka, bringin it back and takin in forward all in the same design. Well here's where you can them and many more amazing accessories from retailers like Toki Doki and Flud:
You can shop online at but I would recommend going down there and checking it out in person.. It a really cute store and the store managers are pretty down.. Eos is on 259 Bleecker st.

PLUS! If you walk down Bleecker, you get to go have the most ALERT FROZEN YOGURT two doors down at YOGURTLAND! Its self serve, $0.49 per ounce and comes in the most amazing flavors.. wait this doesn't count as the 2nd place.. its just a bonus side note ;-)

Which brings us to the REAL 2nd alert spot this week, Fille De Joie! Its a vintage shop in BK with THE most alert pieces (clothing AND accessories) that are to die for! They have everything from sequined ballero jackets to leather pants! Just remember to come with the dollaz cuz vintage clothing means vintage prices..
Photobucket 197 Grand st in BK, plus they have a little lounge area that you and your girls can lay out in.. ;-)

Aight, next up-THINGS