Thursday, May 21, 2009

ALERT NOUNS pt.2 (Places)

Ok so I have yet to actually bite into the delish baked goodies at Babycakes but I came REAL close once. All I know is, the door was open.. how you gonna be closed with your door open, Jane?? Thats not alert at all.. No nat tat tall.. But it was a monday and apparently since its the lamest day of the week they only stay open till they sell out..

The deal is, this spot is sposta have the most bangin vegan goodies that ever graced your tongue, so lets all plan a trip to check it out together! ;-)

My favorite new restaurant is....
So get this, this spot has all the dishes that you would get from a regular chinese food restaurant but its all VEGETARIAN!!!!! WHAT??? Plus its absolutely delish! Would I steer you wrong? No..

So visit their page and make some dinner plans!

Those are the places.. Things commin soon!