Thursday, May 21, 2009

ALERT NOUNS pt3 (Things)

Ahhhh things things and more things.. I love things and i hate things at the same time..

NOOKA WATCHES ARE MAD ALERT SUN! If you were unaware of the recent boom of Nooka watches, it because you are rocking back in fourth in a corner somewhere suffering from anthropophobia..

Check out more at ;D

2nd thing is.. MISSBEHAVE MAG! I stumbled upon this amazing magazine in a subway station in D.C. over a year ago and I'VE BEEN INLOVE WITH IT EVER SINCE! They're based in BK, home of the incredibly talented and chique, and tell you about every nook and cranny of cool, dope, and fresh like you've never seen/read before. They put out issues by season but hopefully they'll get big enough to start putting out monthly issues! The girls that write the articles are some feirce and intellectual biotches that deserve pulitzers! Im telling you, subscribe, its so worth it!

Thats all for this weeks installment of "ALERT NOUNS" tune in next week for 2ppl, 2places and 2things I think are "ALERT" worthy. ;-)