Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where are the rest of your lyrics?

Up your butt.


NAh, but really these are the ins and outs of being an artist. One day releasing a youtube video with your lyrics everyday sounds fun.. until its day 8 and your tired of looking at imovie and you'd rather stab your eyes out with forks than type one more lyric or try to align the visuals with the music so that you all can read and sing a long. Anyway, these are artist problems. I just need a bit more discipline and I'll be able to deliver the rest of those songs to you. In the mean time, it's 5am and I'm updating, and, taking UttaKAOS orders and listening to Childish Gambino while simultaneously writing this blog and a review of CAMP for this blog that I may publish tomorrow? We'll see. I also have a lovely interview/pictorial of Mari J. Brooklyn. If you don't know this chick, get to know this chick when I post the review. Hmmmm what else?? Oh I volunteer at this healing center downtown called the Open Center. If that sounds like something you're into, ya know, HEALING yourself, visit their website and sign up for everything. They are awesome.

Uhhh my homie Baxter P. Wordsworth released his album (and guess who's on it?? okay okay, not important-the world doesn't revolve around me contrary to popular belief)

Listen and download HERE

Im trynna think of what else I should tell you guys.... Uh lets see, I'm going to Japan in April (uhhh FINALLY MUCH?) I'm def going to SXSW in March but prolly just unofficial shows, eh, we do what we can jes? I also REALLY want to go to Burning Man this year and I wish my friends wanted to go with me but they suck so... any takers? Anywho holler at me. If anyone wants to talk about UTtaKAOS email and if you wanna holler at me for any other reason will do it.


its fucking late..