Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My day at Pride

So me and a few buddies went to pride yesterday and had the time of our lives. We hopped the barricades at 14th st and joined the parade in its extravagant entirety, shaking our groove thang behind the west indian themed float. "We gotta get on a float next year" was the only thought Dancing in my head as I jumped through 20 blocks of glitter and sweat in my 5 inch heels. I was 'round some bad bitches. And that's a compliment. The vibrant arrays of ethnicities, genders, shapes, sizes, tucked penis's, thongs, pierced nipples, flashed breasts, priests and glitter was tremendous. It was a smorgasbord of style and ferocity. I literally got a metaphorical hard on. I fell in love and better yet, burned about 3,000 calories AT LEAST. I felt so touched. And I'm not even talking about the time that gay guy felt me up.. Im not even talking about the time that lesbian felt me up! Which reminds me, I even went to my first lesbian bar and got hit on by a gorgeous blonde with red lipstick. She was a bombshell but ya know, im'a straighty. That being said i feel so full of pride and more than happy to support my gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, cross dresser, and beyond friends as they take the fierce and brave leap into the future where sexual, physical and emotional gender lines will be crossed on a regular basis and it will be considered taboo to NOT be open to the limitless possibilities and surreality of our physical and metaphysical existence. GAY OK. I love my people, ALL of my people. God bless. Bitchez. *3snaps*