Friday, June 22, 2012

Bangin' on a Budget

I know there are a lot of fashion blogs out there that teach you how to look good on a budget. Well there "budget" is usually still way more than a starving artist/burgeoning fashionista such as myself can afford. I have unique taste and I need unique clothes in order to express myself to the fullest. I often find that I hardly shop-who woulda thunk it- unless I have a gross excess of money but recently I had an epiphany. Why can't I shop ALL THE TIME?!?! That's when the idea hit me. If I spent $25 a week on clothes and accessories that could be completely affordable as well as fashion forward for my closet of reusable items. And then "Bangin' on a Budget" was birthed. Every week I'll provide the details of an outfit/items/accessories that I bought for $25. I'll tell you where I went, how much each item was and then how I incorporated it all into my own very unique wardrobe. If you're wondering about my fashion sense, my favorite fabrics are sequins, lace, spandex and jean. I love gold and Anything acid washed. I love bold colors and patterns but I try not to look like a bag of skittles. I dig Jeremy Scott Adidas, Nike dunks and Jeffrey Campbell heels. I only where labels on my feet. Every one else can go to hell. If I get some bangin' shoes on a budget-you'll definitely hear about it!

If you think your style might be similar to mine or you think it's time for a change and you're looking for some inspiration come on this ridiculously cheap journey with me and share how you get bangin' pieces for incredibly low prices. And just so you know, this won't be strictly thrift shops. Take my first outfit for example, I got this at Forever 21 in times square. The top was $15 and the skirt was $10. The skirt also comes in bright orange and lime green! Then I mixed and matched it with accessories from home! So fun and the pieces are so versatile. Ill also incorporate a few different looks with the same pieces so you can continuously reinvent your look without ever leaving your closet.

Stay tuned