Friday, March 9, 2012

Kalae's Citrus LOVE Juice Recipe

Im in a bit of a situation today because I want to continue juicing but I have my period. My ladies will understand this.. The cramping, the fatiguing, the bloating, the mood swings-all I really want is some pizza and ice-cream and FRENCH FRIES (these are my kryptonites). I feel like I'm being tested right now and I really want to come out victorious! I need to figure out what I can juice to get through this-im thinking cantaloupe with coconut water and pear or something along those lines. Ill figure it out. (Few hours later) So I went to the supermarket and I got a bunch of citrus fruits-for some reason they were calling to me and I came up with this AMAZING juice. I think its more of a morning time juice but I drank it at like 8 or 9p but what evs. This is gonna help me go on to day 6 and that's all that matters!

Kalae's Citrus LOVE Juice Recipe

5 clementines
1 lime
1 blood orange
2 pears
2 inches ginger