Friday, March 16, 2012

Fascinating PPL (inst1) with Mari J. Brooklyn at Kasa De Kalae

If I could describe Mari J. Brooklyn in one word it would be "Alienklondikescrumtiousolisious." There's something about this Japanese doll that's hard to recover from. A stranger walked into my home, and a cousin left. I will remember her fondly always. Her daughter Lino? Don't even get me started. I wanted to keep her and beat her all in the same sitting. She's a rare kind of child, a precious gem, a diamond in the rough if you will, and you will see that in the compilation of photos below. I really wish there was a better format to show you these pictures. Each one deserves attention. They tell a story. This is the pictorial of Mari J. Brooklyn and Lilo. If a picture is worth a thousand words, get ready for this Illiad.

Q: What makes a person fascinating?

Mari J.: When I see and feel I never felt before. like someone take me higher, show me something or let me hear anything inspired by my 6senses .
that make me turn me on and melting. 

Q: Who's the most fascinating person you've ever shot and why would you kill them???

Mari J.: shot ? my sexy boys.. why ? I could tell how I get fire and beauty inside them.

Q: Aren't kids annoying?

Mari J.: sometimes , sometimes not.

Q: IS Hip Hop bigger than my nigga? And most importantly, is it bigger than Religion?

Mari J.: Hip hop is culture. its not religion. but a lot of people get influence by hiphop. like what I did.

Q: Why should I move to Brooklyn?

I feel comfortable stay in Brooklyn cause I love black music since i was 15years old. I can enjoy being living brooklyn and feel Reggae and Hip Hop vibes from Here.

"My other secret is 
I can dance with fire..
I got poi from Thailand 2000 and I learn 6months in Thailand , India and Indonesia. Then I went to out side Rave Party in Japan by hitch hiking. I went to Hokkaido ( North of Japan) and upgrade fire dance 2004."

Word Associations!



Martyr-king jr. LOL

Mashed Potatoes


Mari J. Brooklyn is one of the most talented photographers I know. Check out her FACEBOOK and her BLOG for more info on her work.

"I was at  Aka island in Okinawa Japan in 2004. Nobody on the beach except my x boyfriend. 
I feel like to be naked so I was naked inside the ocean. I never done before naked in public." 

Pictures, editing, questions, intro by: Kalae AllDay
Special Appearance: Prince on piano. Thanks for the background music.
Thanks to Mari J. Brooklyn and her beautiful daughter Lino for being absolutely FASCINATING and making this just as fun and easy as I thought it would be. One down. Let's see where this goes.