Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kalae.. ALL DAY?

More like a few times a month! I don't know man, I keep making all these promises that I can't keep. I guess it boils down to consistency which as an artist I barely have. Does that make me a horrible person? No, but I wish that I could say, hey I'm gonna make a post a day and keep you all updated on my each and every movement but the reality of it is this; I don't have that sort or time, nor dedication. And James BLUNTLY I don't necessarily want everyone to always know what is going on with me. What ever happened to privacy? It seems that being an artist immediately equals constant infatuation with the tiny indescribable crevices of my life which in all honesty arent as interesting as you might presume. That being said I will try my best to blog about stuff I do want to share and when I have the time to share them. I try my best not to fill these pages with nonsense just for the sake of having something for you to look at. That being said, I got some stuff for you to look at.. :)