Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Uhhhh JEAH.

I mean its only 5GRAND. Why not?


Anywho, for all my fans thinking about a healthier lifestyle, I just found a lovely website called JuiceEnthusiast.com. They feature all types of juicers, juice babe of the month as well as a "juice babes" section that features hot women who are raw, vegan, vegetarian-juicers and although I think its slightly degrading (yada yada sex sells whatever!) its nice to see all these women feel empowered because of their healthy choices. Its actually inspiring! But most importantly there's a section that answers the question, "why juice?" This website doesn't have recipes as far as i can see but its a good place to get started if you don't have a juicer and are interested in juicing but need an extra push.

Check it out!

I actually bumped into a young 58 year old man on the train that told me he was a vegetarian and learned a secret from his friend in Miami that helped him loose 15lbs in 2weeks!
Now, keeping in mind that this guy is already a vegetarian and his friend ALWAYS ate like this, for 2 weeks, he ate an all green breakfast juice-for lunch he had an all green salad and for dinner nuts and berries. This is ALL. And an unlimited amount of it. Im thinking about trying this-experimentally. Maybe I can get a few friends to do it with and we'll post our results!

Here's a delicious juice combination for folks that like something healthy AND sweet.
Carrot, apple, spinach and ginger ;)


Aiight enough rambling.. JUICE NATION