Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Charlene Kaye is omgilicious

So, I was soooo fortunate to meet the very talented, intelligent and beautiful Charlene Kaye at last years Tinder Box Festival. We immediately connected and decided to perform together and more importantly, SHOP TOGETHER. Anywho, this girl is AMAZE'n like chocolate covered strawberries with 24kt gold sprinkled over it. Seriously. I JUST saw all these lovely music videos of hers and I wanted to share them with you. I have them in chronological order so that you can see the progress. They are ALL fantastic and innovative and Im TRULY inspired by this chic right chere.

Lets do this.

(how awesome was the split screen?)

(how genius are the paper instruments??? ughhh its soo cool)

(I love the change of scenery and she looks yummy in the 20's gear :)

(Ummm I'm in love with this song. 'Tson repeats)

(This video is brilliant and gawgus!)

Okay so now what are you doing??
Visiting her website?