Saturday, April 16, 2011

Men are better artists.

Or so I've heard. I recently found myself in a conversation with some like minded individuals where I was told that "No Offense" but men are better artists and not necessarily because they are more talented but because they are more competitive. At first I thought, what? this is ridiculous! I know plenty of amazing female artists that could paint circles around most cats. They continued to explain to me that they're not saying there are no good or GREAT female artists but that they are rare since women are not as competitive as men. That competitive nature compels men to work harder on their craft not because thats how they feel but for the sole purpose of being better than the next guy. To flaunt their feathers, if you will. After a long time sitting down with the thought I said to myself "okay.. they have a point." Ladies, don't hate me. It's a hormonal thing. They have testosterone and they're not afraid to use it! Relating this to the rap world, I then asked myself, am I a good rapper? "Yes" I thought, but am I the best rapper? I would say "absolutely not," but I know for a fact that when asking any male rapper if he's the best rapper he would say yes with out thinking twice. And even if he didn't 100% believe it, he would at least have aspirations to be the best rapper. Do I have those aspirations? No. Is this a problem? This is fascinating to me because I wouldn't ever consider myself to be competitive. Should I be? Is this character flaw gonna hold me back as an artist? Would I be a better rapper if I decided to be competitive? My choir director in High School used to say "There will always be someone better than you." Maybe she said that to spark some competitive spirit but I misunderstood and took the defeatist route? Can someone that isn't naturally competitive become competitive? Maybe for the sake of an experiment?? Are my OVARIES holding me back?!?!

Hahahaha. I don't know. Just some random thoughts.