Thursday, March 12, 2009

Props to Charlie!

So, a few months ago I was at an awsome brooklyn house party surrounded by swaggalicious brooklynites and I had been working on a song about how much Kalae loves her some BK boys, so I decided this would be a perfect time to do some research! I started a convo in a circle of beautiful brooklyn boys that made my knees buckle (I hide it well :D) and it pretty much went like so..
LADY K:"Can I ask you guys some questions? See im writing a song about Brooklyn Boys and i was hoping to pick your brains about a few things.."
SEXY BROOKLYNITE #1: "Oh like that Charles Hamilton joint?"
LADY K: "Huh? What Charles Hamilton joint?"
SEXY BROOKLYNITE #2: "You don't know Charles Hamiltons new joint 'Brooklyn Girls?'"
LADY K: "Eh, neh.."
SEXY BROOKLYNITE #3: "You that shit is fya, you gotta check it out.."
LADY K: "Shit!.. What should I do??"
SEXY BROOKLYNITE #1: "Do a remix.."

And this is the story of how this song came to be.. So now may I present to you, BROOKLYN BOYS (Charles Hamilton Brooklyn Girls Remix) By: Kalizzle All Dizzle :D


ps. I worked damn hard to make this video so pay attention damnit!