Monday, March 2, 2009


So for those of you who have spoken to me in the past 3weeks should already know Ive been "watching" what I eat by "eliminating" animal products and by-products.. So far Ive been pretty good with a small slice of cheese here and a piece of sushi there and honestly I wasn't finding it hard at all until my roommate started cooking all this meat in the house and he throws DOWN in the kitchen.. Vegans, any support you can offer to stop me from giving into the sweet smell of veal roasting in the oven? Im drooling just thinking about it.. Help a sista out!

Meanwhile, I got booked for an awesome show at Penn Hotel coming up March 20th with some special surprises.. Okay Okay ill tell you one, SOURCE MAGAZINE will be sponsoring the event! Word to big bird! Any who, here's the preview flyer until I get all the sexy details..


If anyone is wondering where this delicious superwoman pic came from, I did a rooftop photo shoot with a good friend of mine, Adam from AIRIES Photography in late January (yes, I was freezing my ASS off.) Here are a few of the frames..


oh yea you like that..


im so super duper fly..


had to throw it up, can you blame me?
To see more pics from the shoot just visit me at and dont forget to listen to the Charles Hamilton Remix. I've been getting some amazing feedback so i big shout out to those of you who took the time to visit and show love. It was graciously received :D.

Well, enough of that.. heres some ish im writing.. just a teaser.. incase niggas get hungry and start bitin :D

"Your heart raids
Like the centuries of tyrants who marked slaves
Made peasants outta kings in the dark days
Playing my heart you at arcade
Inserting mad wood like an arc aid
Your leadership is unswayed
Even though youre drawing out wrong plays
They follow you always
Can convince anything
Persistently persuade
You think your love is king
It aint even pawn babe...

In an ocean of my tears your racin
To make it to your destination
You'd slit throats for the sake of your declaration
I AM MAN, fuck the unity of a nation
You talk mad shit its crap oration
You almost as bad as these corporations
That make the world turn say the tv stations
But i stay hatin
Since my high school graduation
Your a hard situation
You keep my highs up like a kite mass elation..." -KALAE ALL DAY