Friday, October 2, 2009

The Roots and I

Soooooooooooo life is pretty fricken awesome in general, but throw in meeting Roots manager Richard Nichols, VIP access to The Roots Jam in BK, and eating Black Thoughts bday cake in their party bus after the show and im in HIP HOP HEAVEN.. *sigh* Life is like a box of chocolates.. FUCKING DELICIOUS!
?uestlove! I told ya'll he's my best friend.. He said he's not gonna tweet me though.. :-(
Fellow libran, Black Thought gave me a NICKNAME!!! "Boondocks!" yeah, yeah, laugh it up..
Talib Kweli was one of their special guests during the jam that was fantastic by the way.. They really do their thang..

I would just like to thank the powers of the universe for bringing that night together the way that it did.. MAKTUB! The Roots where the first hip hop group I was ever fanatically into.. If it wasn't for them, my music would be totally different.. I probably wouldn't be rapping at all.. WHO KNOWS!!! AHHHHHHHH