Saturday, April 4, 2009

Subway Subbatical

I know its spelled sAbbatical.. Dont try to correct me, I have artistic freedom. So I have taken the train every where, almost every single day since I was.. BORN so I decided to write a song about riding these trains. These trains that used to be $1 or so when I was growing up.. That used to have beautiful graffiti, washed off before my time.. That used to run efficiently? I dont know if that ever happened. But I do know that life in NYC is hectic and sometimes getting on the train can be a relief from the busy streets.. You got your mp3 player on or if your old school, your CD player. If you live under a rock, your cassette player.. Maybe you want to seem intelligent so you pull out a book or you want to stay relevant so you read the newspaper that someone kindly left on the seat next to you.. Or maybe you enjoy obnoxiously loud conversations with your neighboring train pedestrians. Whatever it is you do, its just masking how horrible a train ride can truly be..

"dropped back in the subway
im feeling like a back drop
didn't have no change
so like pancake i hop
my tunnel vision strained
cause im used to street top
and im goin insane
claustrophobia detox
they scuffing up my kicks
so my lid is bout to pop
theres so much pressure in my brain
that my ears do the same
substantial looks
got crooked by an mp3
theyre reading books
or hooked on a hand held D
catchin Zs and being stressed
overlooking that theyre blessed
body elbows to the chest
i regress
i get pissed
like homeless man that missed
got the whole car smelling like shit
clenched jaw and fist
holding to the rail with my wrist
so i can act like germs dont exist
wholy moly donut shop buddy
got his boots all muddy
standin two feet from me
and i will homey
have a plot to kill homey
if he dont stay still homey
for real homey"


Back to some real shit. I got a show tomorrow at Crash Mansion@BLVD that you might want to come to before i BURN IT DOWN! :D Heres the flyer..

199 Bowery and spring, take the 6train to spring st
show@6pm doors@5pm cover $10
April 5th.. Sunday.. DO IT!