Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kalae Nouveau: An Unapologetic Soul

Earlier this year an amazing woman by the name of Meghan O'Connor wrote a piece on me for Alt Citizen.. You can read it HERE And here's a video her team made of me srapping a bit (singing/rapping=srapping) hope you enjoy it!

Kalae Nouveau - Live from Red Hook - Full Episode from Kyle Gaughan on Vimeo.

I wish I would have shared this on here much sooner but I often forget about my blog.. im sorry that i have forsaken you my dear.. I always do somehow.. Im bad at commitments.. even internet ones.. I come from a fickle generation.. I hope you can see through my wishy washy ways and into my solid center.. I want to relay positivity and love to the world but often the internet makes me feel negative and hateful. GRRR. I will make more music to counteract this animosity and then get back online to share it with my "friends," only to garner more irrate feelings to shove back into my peace loving core as inspiration for more music.. Heres to the cycle! Lets hope something good comes of it.. peace, love and light.. exoh KALAE