Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blue Gold (Less Water, Mo' Problems)

SO, For the second year in a row I will be donating my birthday to Charity Water to help fund the production and shipment of a water rig to developing countries that will drill wells to provide FRESH, CLEAN, DRINKABLE water to thousands in need. This year I have named this campaign after a very powerful documentary called "Blue Gold." If you havent seen this, please watch on hulu or netflix or just google it and find it somewhere. It will change the way you feel about talking 20minute showers. So please, as my birthday gift this year, donate $24 (or what ever you have) to this campaign and send love with it. Then post this link on your social networks and talk to some of your close friends and family and ask them if they are willing to donate as well. My goal is $1000 and every little bit helps. exoh KALAE