Thursday, June 4, 2009

THROWBACK THURSDAYS!- Earth, Wind and Fire

I remember being in a DJ's room one warm summer night and getting a personal spin session *special* a few years back. He seemed so excited to start playing this magical song- "Every man has a place//in his heart theres a space//and the world cant erase his fantasyyyyyy.." Now, it wasn't the first time I heard an Earth, Wind and Fire song, but it was the first time I heard them in a way that made me fall in LOVE.
Before I go on, listen to this amazing song!

This song (along with many other Earth, Wind and Fire songs) was sampled in many tracks including Nas' "Live Now" off his 7th studio album "Street's Disciple" take a listen:

So to start from the beginning, Earth, Wind and Fire is a funk, soul group from Chicago (damn Chicago has all the cool peeps) that began in the late 60's founded by Maurice White. Philip Bailey's (one of the members) vocals are unmatched in "Fantasy" in my opinion.. I mean maybe Mariah can reach those notes but NO OTHER MAN can get with in range. He's truly phenomenal!
Here are some tunes you might recognize!


Whether you're an avid listener to EWF or not, this legendary group has made some of the funkiest shit ever on the planet so they deserve unbelievable props. GOOGLE'EM!