Friday, November 22, 2013

Black men, White woman.. Why we have it all wrong.

Its come to my attention on the inter-webs that recently there has been a lot of talk about Black Men using White Woman as a some sort of symbol of success. Your man get's to a certain status and "he's gon' leave yo' ass fo' a white girl" (Kanye West). But I think there are a few misleading details and don't get me started on how politically incorrect this all is. There really is much to be said about this utterly misleading stereotype and I just wanted to clear some things up. Im gonna make this quick. Firstly, the rappers and actors and athletes that American TV will have you thinking are some of the richest people in the world really dont make shit. Lets face it, media makes them famous but fame doesn't equal money, so already we have this skewed sense of success through exposure. Also, we can't judge what we can't see so most of the ACTUAL rich people who AREN'T in entertainment are not photographed with their primarily BLACK wives walking down the street by paparazzi. So I have compiled some photos of some of THE RICHEST BLACK MEN in the WORLD and their wives. Enjoy.

Starting with someone we all know and love or hate, Sean Combs. Although P.Diddy has a strong hand in entertainment, he is RICH because of his many business ventures. But lets be clear, he still makes 1/32nd of what the richest black man on this list makes. His long time gf Kim Porter may not be his wife but is the mother of most of his children and is obviously a ride or die chick.
Robert L. Johnson founder of BET was married to Shelia Johnson for over 30 years. They're divorced now, but while he was making those big bucks, he had the strength and encouragement of a strong black woman with him all that time.  

Mo Ibrahim and his wife Hania Ibrahim are BOTH millionaires. Mo, who is actually a billionaire made his money through an African mobile phone company and philanthropy.  
Patrice Motsepe and wife Precious Makgosi Moloi. Patrice is a mining BILLIONAIRE. 

Mike Adenuga-BILLIONAIRE. His wife, Titi Adenuga.

This really is the short list, but I wanted you to get an understanding of something. A real woman, one who stands by your side and helps you to achieve your goals and her own, a woman who is understanding, supportive and CHALLENGING-THOSE are the trophy wives. Those are the women who are WORTH something. And these women come in all shapes, sizes and COLORS. Don't let the media and trifflin' fools make you think you aren't worthy. And that's in all cases, not just this one. Speaking of cases-I rest mine.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVOLT TV #StateOfMusic

So this really nice guy hits me up because Hank&Cupcakes told him I was cool peoples.. and this is what came of it. I promise you we were shooting for like 2 hours haahahhahaha. But yeah.. He made all these promises to me but at the end of the day he was just using me, and thats the business baby! Hate it or love it. I hope I helped make the commercial cool. exoh KALAE

Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Word Theft" feat Ben Tyree

Just trynna keep ya'll updated.. I'm working on an album under Kalae Nouveau and Im not sure if this is the first single but I was hoping that people would remember that I exist.. hahaha exoh KALAE

Pedestal/Pour It Up MASH UP

This show was fun! Click to watch it in youtube if you want to watch the whole show. Also-im looking for a new band so if you play and want to audition please send me some ish! ;) exoh KALAE

Kalae Nouveau: An Unapologetic Soul

Earlier this year an amazing woman by the name of Meghan O'Connor wrote a piece on me for Alt Citizen.. You can read it HERE And here's a video her team made of me srapping a bit (singing/rapping=srapping) hope you enjoy it!

Kalae Nouveau - Live from Red Hook - Full Episode from Kyle Gaughan on Vimeo.

I wish I would have shared this on here much sooner but I often forget about my blog.. im sorry that i have forsaken you my dear.. I always do somehow.. Im bad at commitments.. even internet ones.. I come from a fickle generation.. I hope you can see through my wishy washy ways and into my solid center.. I want to relay positivity and love to the world but often the internet makes me feel negative and hateful. GRRR. I will make more music to counteract this animosity and then get back online to share it with my "friends," only to garner more irrate feelings to shove back into my peace loving core as inspiration for more music.. Heres to the cycle! Lets hope something good comes of it.. peace, love and light.. exoh KALAE

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing with myself, among other things..

My amazingly talented sister from another mister Katherine Soutar and her lovely friend Lorraine Heller-Nicholas, have collaborated on this very unique gif project called 'Dancing with myself" inspired by the oh so lovely and talented Billy Idol (see amazing song/video BELOW). Since I got love for my family, I opted to be the first "model" for said project, so you can click the photo above to see the fully animated gif, or you can click HERE and be some of the firsts to volunteer! These Ozzy chicks are definitely amazing and I plan on working with them in the future for a music video so watch out for that and stay tuned my furry friends.. or waxed.. i don't know what you have going on down under! POW! i brough it full circle.. peace and chicken grease exoh THE MARVELOUS NOUVEAU

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Bit - Lykke Li

I was watching Lykke Li's video for "I follow Rivers" and I sort of hated it (not the song, the video- sorry Tarik Seleh) So I googled a good, cheap, innovative video of hers and decided to share. No big budget, no pretense, just creativity. ENJOY

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fan Art by Patricia Santos

Nothing touches me more than fan art. There is something about knowing that I have inspired art in this world that makes every day that I struggle as a starving artist, that much more worth it. Thank you Patricia, for feeding my heart and soul! exoh The Marvelous Nouveau

Friday, February 15, 2013

Is Kalae TONY's most fashionable reader?? HELL YEAH!

OMG OMG OMG OMG Im so fly. (hahahaha) I was chosen as one of TONY's top 10 most fashionable readers! But it aint ova yet boobies! I need you to VOTE for my photo and instagram name "@kalaeallday" so that I can win the GRAND prize! What it is??? IT s a feature in Time Out mags Shopping/Style section. BooYah. Help ya girl make that happen! Propulosity! VOTE HERE exoh The Marvelous Nouveau